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From WBZ CHICAGO. This is nerd. I'm Greg Johnson Good Morning. It is Tuesday April fourteenth. I'm on the floor of my bedroom closet which means this must be another edition of nuts. Introverts guide to the good light all right so today. We're GONNA talk all about podcasts. Because as our guest was hell you you can use them to go to other places you've never been. You can use them to hear some weird comedy or you can listen to get some awesome inspiration of what to do with all the weird stuff that you panic purchased. That's now in your kitchen pantry. And who better to talk about podcasts? Then Nick Qua- he is the podcast expert. He is like the industry EST insider. I know he writes this newsletter called Hot pod and he writes about podcasts. For New York Magazine's Vulture Pop Culture Section. Which is one of my favorite corners of the Internet. Nick Hey how you doing You know I'm hanging in there like like about everybody else It also appears to be that I started taking every everybody else's cliches internalizing it. I am gardening. I am crafts projects. I have tried to improve myself. I'm considering buying chicks It's it's the whole Shebang. Everything is is well. I'm glad you're you're leaning into it. I guess Oh absolutely no no other way. Okay so I asked you to come up with some suggestions for folks and I know I feel like I need to do a disclaimer at the top especially as a person who works in a newsroom. Like there are plenty of like super newsy and especially new like. Corona virus related podcasts. That are out there. I thought it would be a little more fun and a little more like nerdy for you and I to talk about some stuff that Might be more of like a fun. Distraction kind of listen as opposed to like doubling down on pandemic terror. Absolutely absolutely some of us into the abyss and some of us do not what the Senate tibbets so. Yeah when it comes to that idea of sort of like finding a fun pleasurable distraction during these like very deeply unsettling times. What do you got for so I broke? These picks up Into a couple of categories. There are a couple here. That's you know. Explicitly designed to be really cheerful and distracting. This a couple of picks in here. That is more meditative. Because I feel with an extended life in sort of self-isolation right. Now there's a lot of time to feel more deeply and I kind of wanted to pull together a couple of picks that that helped me really do that So let's start with something a little more. Cheerful one of my favorite podcasts. In a long time. Was this sort of Canadian Pike is called personal best from the CDC. It's essentially a self-improvement show for people who don't like self improvement But it actually. Is these two guys who help. Various people try to achieve really small things. Whether it's like somebody who has to get up earlier in the morning to come up with these crazy hijinks at how to help her You know wake up early in the morning and it's you know. Another episode has guided once. We better small talk. They come up with these crazy adventures of like. Let's let's like Jaggi into every grocery store and have you have spoiled composition right now. Incredibly Fun we're going to help you practice some new skills. We're GONNA help you try some things out. We're GONNA help you try and get over this awesome so our plans to have anew wear a wire and then send him into a bunch of shoppers. Drug Mart's shoppers chain sneers. How's that he always goes to? I'm going to buy FRESCA at every shoplift because I love fresca because I called you. Let's get this guy some FRESCA. That sounds so charming to Canadian. So there's like this triple layer of late. Charman goofy isn't up of it. Would you say has at like encouraged you to consider improving your behavior lifestyles at all? I think it's actually helped me it. One of the more unexpected legible. Things about listening to this show is making me realize that like it's much better for me to focus improving little small things about my life as opposed to like the big big things because that's just like a a huge enterprise that's going to take years right now. It could do something as simple as like meditating a little bit more in in the morning and this show can help me kind of go. Oh yeah the small. Things are as important as the big things. And that's that's a really sweeping learnable totally because if you get enough small things together often that is actually the big thing anyway. Right like it's just about breaking down into stuff that makes sense and feels manageable. Absolutely I mean not to get too like philosophical village does feel sometimes that that we are to some of our small things as opposed to two or three big things. You know totally. So how often are you meditating I'm trying twice a day Sam vicious five minutes at a time so it's not not super log all right. What else you got. This one is super chill is perfect thing for you. If you just WANNA chill out and do absolutely nothing and listen to somebody extremely With an extremely militias. Beautiful Voice Redo a mystery. This is the show for you So phoebe judge she's the host of criminal. It's a pack as onorato. Pia about sensibly. It's about crime it's not really. It's it's it's really just little anthropological postcards about people She has his random project that now she just reads you missiles right now at this at this recording it's April ninth she's doing the hands of Baskerville and it's just phoebe judge reading you a district one thing that's been making me feel a little more at ease has been reading fiction. I started reading. Agatha Christie's first published novel the mysterious affair it styles and I thought maybe I could read it to you chapter a day until we get to the end no ads just a good mystery. There's nothing right now that I valued at just a simple did it feels really good and this is exactly what that is loud. That sounds great. So are there like side effects or anything or is it literally just leave her narrating in the closet talking to you and that's fantastic. Tell me about another one Switching into the complete opposite direction I just wanted to give a shoutout to. Wnyc show called the anthropology and reviewed. It's a sort of an essay project. An Essay podcast project by the author. John Green who is a you know is known for Fuller Stars and Writing Turtles. All the way down looking for right. Yeah absolutely And this is a kind of a hard show to explain. The CONC- is that he's like picking out random things each episode about the f Robison otherwise known as d geological age of civilization looming. Right now okay And like rates review about it but John Green being a very accomplished and very good lakes Martin insightful. And soulful writer these these reviews whether it's about like the Taco Bell Breakfast Menu or like sunsets Olmos OAS about these little larger thing that he's GonNa Grapple with in terms of like the nature of being live the nature of our institure food. I recently ate a Taco Bell beefy fritos burrito under the guise of research for this review and for about five minutes after eating it. I felt almost euphoric. The beef was stringy the Tortilla suboptimal. And I suspect I would be horrified by a thorough accounting of the environmental and sociopolitical costs of the beefy Fritos Burrito. But still for those five minutes. I felt pleasantly and entirely satiated. It's it's it's kind of his thesis that like each review or reviews actually a memoir of a kind And ends up being a sort of really interesting segments. A segmented like series of the more essays about world. And it's this right now. It's just like one of those things that I put on a one of these episodes for many many years before again and gives me this longer relationship to time like this dude. Shell passes the thing that people keep saying right now but having reviewing something on a very league could evergreen geological level really kind of puts perspective. That is just magnificent. Yeah that sounds really great. That kind of reminds me of a conversation. I was having with a friend yesterday where she's having a hard time finding a TV show to watch because none of it like is addressing things that are actually happening right now. You know like our daily lives have changed so much over the past month that it's hard to find stuff that like resonates in the right way but that actually sounds like it could be perfect. Absolutely I mean that's such an interesting thing right like I do. Personally find was looking for certain kinds of distractions but it's Kinda hard to watch certain kinds of reality. Tv right now because it sounds like it's so indicative of titles is right here right before us but also like this is not really helping me like coping very inex- in obvious ways. Yeah no it reminds me of ads where like I can't decide if I'm more upset by ads that don't like acknowledge the current place where we are and like nod to that or ads. That's a good point that do you know what I mean. 'cause like I don't know if you've seen there's a Stella Artois ad that I saw an Hulu the other day and it's like all these people like you know celebrating birthdays and hanging out like via zoom or whatever you know some like Internet video APP and like it disturbed me so much to see it. 'cause it was just like. Oh my God like it's real you know but then again to watch like a home depot ad that completely ignores. It is also just like what's happening well. It says his requirements of emotional intelligence from a system. That has rarely been well. I could not have put that better all right. What's your next recommendation floating back into the opposite direction of a little goofy and strange Sitters is this a Sitcom podcast? I think I think that's the way to unafraid. Themselves under British team they make this show called wooden overcoats. But that's not the showed. I WANNA talk about like. They have a really weird smaller projects that they've started publishing earlier this year..

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