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The couple fought over Sarah's bedtime to Kathleen who had always been a very regimented person, one of their daughter to sleep at exactly eight thirty pm. This was complicated by Craig's habit of playing with Sarah every night after work, Kathleen felt he was riling her up before bedtime. Kathleen later recalled that Sara was a quote, very loud player. There was lots of screaming and laughing, and they would always be trying to chase each other around and quote after playing with her father, Sarah was nearly impossible to put down to sleep at night in nineteen Ninety-three Sarah was thriving. She had survived for ten and a half months, much longer than her deceased siblings. She was doing well enough that Kathleen successfully lobbied Craig to stop using the sleep apnea monitor. Kathleen was older and better at dealing with her darker moods. She was learning to walk away from the crying baby or to drop her off with a relative when the stress became too great. But Kathleen took to dropping Sarah off with Craig's sister Carol. So frequently that she was spending most of her time away from the baby. When Carol new, it's husband told Kathleen that she was missing out on her daughter's life by pointing are often relatives. Kathleen began to stay home with the girl again. But as nineteen Ninety-three progressed, Kathleen once again, felt overwhelmed by the stresses of motherhood, and Craig began observing signs of Kathleen's dark moods. Kathleen wrote in her diaries that she and Craig were at each other's throats. She was constantly afraid. Craig would leave her. She noticed that he flirted with other women and rejected her advances while she. Was fat with pregnancy weight. She wrote quote, Craig's, roving, I will always be of concern to me, must lose extra weight, or he will be even less in love with me than he is. Now. I know that physical appearance means everything to him and quote, Kathleen resented that the baby ate up all of her time, keeping her away from the gym and the path to repairing her marriage. Kathleen was still just twenty six years old and all of her adult life had been spent with Craig since the falling out with their foster family. Over the wedding, Kathleen had become wrapped up in Craig's family. She relied heavily on his sister Carol for help with the child care and the full bigs spent most of their vacation time with Craig's sisters and brothers to loose Craig would be to lose her entire new family on August twenty. Eighth nineteen ninety three, Kathleen and Craig. Once again fought over Sarah's fussiness an inability to sleep soundly. Her constant crying in the night was taking its toll on Kathleen anxiety and on her relationship with Craig. They needed some time away. So the full bigs brought their little girl to the beach that day Sarah had a cold, but she still enjoyed the waves and the sand. It was a good day out for all of them. But that night Sarah was fussy. She kept Kathleen awake from. Most of the night after they put her to bed hours later at one twenty AM on August twenty. Ninth nineteen Ninety-three Craig was once again awoken in the dead of night by Kathleen screams in what had become a nightmarish routine. Craig found his daughter, Sara cold in her bassinet. Craig notice that Sarah's body was unusually straight her limbs all down by her sides rather than all crooked as they'd usually be. He also noted the time as one twenty AM on August twenty ninth strangely, Kathleen later recorded. One o'clock AM as the time of death in her diary. This discrepancy could simply mean that one of them remembers the time incorrectly or it could mean that Kathleen new Sarah was dead for twenty minutes before alerting. Craig officer. Deborah McDermott responded to the zero zero zero call radioed for backup and took over. The resuscitation efforts for forty minutes before breaking the bad news to the full bigs. Sarah was dead. Sara's. Autopsy showed signs of minor congestion and watery fluid in her lungs. The coroner also noticed tiny abrasions near Sarah's mouth. These symptoms were all consistent with both smothering and SIDS with no other obvious cause of death present in the autopsy, Sarah's death was attributed to SIDS this time, though the police were more wary losing. One child to SIDS was unfortunate, but the full Biggs had now lost three children in a row detective, Stephen Saunders questioned the full Biggs and he was struck by the couple's of this grief and distress at the death of their third child. Craig gave his much information as he could to the detective. But Kathleen was sobbing too hard to answer many of the questions. She said later of that night, the police quote. Sort of came in full force. We were a little intimidated by it and quote, detective Saunders found nothing amiss with the couple since the corner had already diagnosed Sarah with SIDS, the case was closed and the full bigs were given full permission to bury their daughter. One reason for the authorities, initial investigation into Sarah's death was because in the mid nineteen ninety s the medical and law enforcement communities. Attitudes towards SIDS deaths were changing methods for identifying and preventing cid's were being discovered and implemented all over the world. The number of SIDS deaths in the first world countries had dropped drastically and the last several decades and to thirties, began to view multiple SIDS deaths in the same family as highly suspicious earlier in nineteen Ninety-three serve ROY meadow. A British pediatrician testified at trial that Beverley Allitt nurse had smothered four children in her care and that it was statistically impossible for all four deaths to have been caused by SIDS meadows. Famously said that quote, one SIDS case is a tragedy to suspicious and three is murder on. Unless there is proof to the contrary and quote this saying which became known as meadows law was based upon the extreme statistical improbability of SIDS striking multiple children in the same family meadows pointed to forty two cases of SIDS deaths that were later revealed to be homicides saying that quote sits has been used at times as a pathological diagnosis to evade awkward truths and quote meadows. Law was cited by the prosecution in several cases, all over the world in the next decade has caregivers of multiple SIDS cases were convicted. However, it's important to note that metals law was later recognized as nothing more than an unproven assumption. Prosecutors were no longer allowed to cite this assertion in court, but during the time that the full big children were dying. Prosecutors were still applying meadows law to cases where multiple children in one family died of. Sids. After Sarah's death in August of nineteen Ninety-three the full bigs marriage, degraded Craig was the only one still searching for answers. He wanted to know more about what Kathleen had observed the night. Sarah had died, but Kathleen did not want to discuss the tragedy and never spoke to Craig about it. Again in one thousand nine hundred five, two years after Sarah's death, Craig was still not coping well with his grief, but Kathleen was ready to move on with her life. She wrote Craig two page letter of ultimatum. Either he would seek grief counseling or she would leave. This was not the first time she threatened to leave him Craig and Kathleen had separated and reconciled multiple times over the past two years, but Craig could not lift himself out of the fog of grief. So Kathleen moved out, Kathleen foster mother Deirdra helped her rent an apartment and start over without Craig. Kathleen. Noted that ever since their fight over the wedding planning, Deirdre had always been quote, quick to judge and put Craig down with his changing jobs and all that sort of thing, and quote. While Creggan Kathleen were separated. She began to grow closer to Craig's. Other sister, Sherri Sherri brought out the fun side of Kathleen and helped her revert to an easier carefree time before all the tragedies. They went out to bars and clubs together, Sherry got Kathleen into Jenny, Craig, and Kathleen lost a lot of the weight she'd put on in the last few years seeing Kathleen moving on without him finally motivated Craig to seek grief counseling. Kathleen said, quote, he seemed to snap out of its slightly and must have thought my God. She's actually gone. He began calling and visiting Kathleen, they went to couples counseling together by nineteen Ninety-six. They were ready to give the marriage another. Try to help with the fresh start the full Biggs move to hunter valley in the wine country region of New South Wales. They wanted to forget the past. Kathleen didn't tell them all boroughs about her reconcile. Liaisson with Craig, but Deirdra eventually found out through the grapevine. She never forgave Kathleen for it. Kathleen said, quote, my parents pretty much disowned me. Once they discovered that Craig, I hadn't actually truly broken up and deer drill hasn't spoken to be sense and quote, can't leans foster parents moved to a new house and didn't tell Kathleen where they moved, which hurt her deeply. But she blocked out the pain of this loss and tried to forge a new life with Craig, despite all their losses. Everything finally seemed back on track for Kathleen Craig, but tragedy still lurked. And soon the full bigs would experience the untimely death of yet another child. And this time the police wouldn't let it go next week. We'll take a closer look at Laura full big's death and Kathleen's conviction for murder will uncover what five. Finally tipped off the police and earned Kathleen full big her notoriety as one of Australia's. Worst female serial killers. Thanks

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