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Because i don't think teams you actually do what i do oh it were due in which you do much craft special okay i've been tmz them dues reporter bush and they did have amband boozing and he called of icom are come at you straight on ucs unique on jump on nearby dichio none of us not me daniel tweets us our water buehler and odious are waiting in the wings darvish is out unless he's cheap obvious is not going to be available next season reliant for my understanding my understanding is as he's out twelve to fourteen months in his injury was in mid to late june so i wouldn't expect him next season while kabila perhaps um who's one of their top prospects pitching prospects garbage which cheap but i want to see alex would continue to grow witness i would like to see you know came to my aid or xp consider more seriously next postseason madurese use in the relief but look this looked as if to me he could have started instead of you miss it and we might have been okay we probably would have been okay uh let's ask dave roberts about i guess starting darvish and not starting someone else gist uh unexpected um even today that the the velocity um i thought he was right there i thought his going to really throw the baseball well um and i think he was three and a third may be um in this series and and just very unfortunate and i i know he wanted the baseball i know he was prepared i just can't explain uh the results i really can you um has been one of our top three starters all year hours since we acquired m and um he had a bad one and houston uh but to think that.

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