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Don't be a Pixie jump in this panzer and be a good frag you before frag view hose means to loosen up. Stay careful there's A. There's a heatwave common we've got we'RE GONNA go gang and we've got a we've got go behind us I'm GonNa Geek you. Which means Geek absolutely yeah dump shock doc nausea and disorientation from being done out of the Matrix yet for sure which I mean? I usually get nauseous and disoriented when I get dumped. That's that's the feeling I get after. I've been on my computer all day and I close it and then I colors that can't render on my monitor and yet the the the blue screen glass. I want a fucking crock. That never since copper of fogging bracelets says there have been a crock. Like blue glass be orange though because I have those orange glasses i. I've never heard anything but you know there's a pair of glasses that obviously when you go real optometrist I can offer you blue screen glances ask you like. Oh Yeah but you go into the reading glasses action. Now they have like it's just they're just fake glasses and you wear them and you stare at a screen and it's like ooh protecting me from the harmful effects of staring at a screen all day who our lives are so fucking miserable. I thought I've O.. R. I don't think our live. Our lives are good. I mean collectively. Our lives are so no way today. I was actual fucking looking like I. I haven't been. I spent time in like other than my parents. House at a police in Glens falls along this fucking rural all did like wow. I didn't I it was never this bad there. Everyone is wearing camouflage thought it was a fucking like who so read on Komo all over again but the guy at the gun I was looking at the shotgun. Whatever and they don't he complained that they they won't let him sell bullets anymore? They don't sell bullets at Walmart anymore. Very take he's like how you supposed to even you know you buy. It's always been you by a gone with bullets. And he's like really. We've hammering and I'm on. I'm not about to be like and then some people fucking fucked up sell coke we used to sell cocaine drugstores and they've been bunch of people fucked up same Shiite way the government moves on but then he's like he's like why are you here on. You know how I love when people especially people. I don't know my going tires on the car. Yes we want to drive Honda. two-door he's pursued or whatever and then he's back there yes door yes sorry. Sorry it's not a fucking Chevy Silverado in those seat can forgo nobody. This dude looks like he's about to die. First of all you're gonNA extra from like a a British like a British play about like poverty in the seventies really bad like you really took you there and he's like well just called my dealership because I was getting new tires on my truck and I thought well I'm already on the phone the dealership I might as well. Just go buy a new truck. So that's what I'm going to do today to buy a new trick. Mika you try and a big yard you're working the AMMO Cari fucking counter at Walmart man. I'm like I was really trying to big Dick me and I'm like what. Wow Oh actually no. I'm being mean fucking if AMMO MM account guy wants to buy a new truck and he can pull it off good for you emo guy. Sorry sorry became. I became a little bit of a class. They're gonNA take that back. Well that's very nice of have you but I don't think he was. I don't think could buy a new truck let alone new truck. So you're safe. He was just like really weird that I was like asking answering his questions. Honestly Salinas trying to just shoot the shit to shoot the ball. You know as love answered incomplete sentences and it was like most people. This is the conversation like most most people like you got the end somehow ends with a T.. So yeah that's how I find got. You're and now a big area discount on one thing and then they charge twice as much in the other. I heard three different people say though God some Truth Economic Onomic truth to that. Yes I mean there's paying less it just because you're paying you're getting a deal on something doesn't mean you're saving money because you weren't gonNA spend that money unless there was a deal like but I heard a bunch of different people saying that like up guys huddled around the shop VACs. We're like route Meighan. I can go out with over to harbor freight cutoff or even trooper or however fairly routine thought to go with a new or my God it was like I was unbelievable and then I went home to my ailing father. Father has a condition of the thins is blood okay and he looked very pale and I missed the net. Ask going to die. He's like he's like Oh. The Wall to agree agree mistake. He's going to eat a big fucking steak. Don't feel much better. Yeah he had actually. I didn't tell anybody then. My father The cancer are. You told me I knew that. I didn't tell it wasn't about mother. Had Ed Haskins. He fucking beat that shit like he was a fucking modem money and My father no longer has cancer. That is good news. But but the residual effects of the Chemo. I guess. You didn't even have chemo. We just had like radiation acted shit. It's got him clammy Ghana's blood thin and he's doing this thing where he's like. I know what will be better. I'm GONNA take a bunch of vitamin E. and then a bunch of blood pressure pills and then a bunch of like he takes all these pills and.

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