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Hello everyone and thanks for tuning into the Liberty Report with me today as Daniel, mcadam, our co host Daniel. Today Are we this morning Dr Paul I'm doing well. Thank you. We have to talk about one of our lesser favorite cities. Even though we live near it, we have to talk about Houston and the county commissioner or the county judge from Harris County. There are close neighbors, but. they're not doing. Very many things that we could say lean toward libertarianism. Authoritarians and that has changed over the years. It's gotten much worse from the time I moved here many years ago, but anyway. The convention Republican convention was scheduled in week or two. You know real close south, and all of a sudden can't come. We're canceling you so who is behind as well? The Mayor Turner was. As well as county judge in the Democratic Party, but you know why that is because they're concerned about public health. We have to protect public health so. They want to save us from ourselves and get Make sure the Republicans don't get sick and they were gonNA. Cancel this, but you know it's interesting. That the mayor. The mayor has recently attended one of these types of functions of black lives. Moment but lars matter and he was, there gave a talk, but there was nothing said about that, but it seems to be different for Republicans. I can't believe that that is the case, but you know it's really to me an attack on freedom of speech freedom of assembly and freedom to take your own risk, but you know when when I kept thinking about this that. They're they're motivated by political hate. They have hate in their heart very often, and it seems like both sides are developing these traits, but anyway They said they wouldn't do and. I keep thinking you know all this investigation in crimes and penalties for hate crimes, and motivated by hate and I kept thinking well. Maybe maybe this is a hate crime. You know because they're doing it out. Of spite, and of course we can solve that problem without having this invention of hate crimes. We could just do it with. Civil liberties and the constitution in the right to. meet. With other people and take your own risk, but anyway it's canceled I think six thousand people were scheduled to come has too dangerous. They're not allowed to do it. I think there will be a little bit of legal stuff going on, but I don't think the Republicans are going to be able to salvage this This conference is. State, convention so, things are up in the air, but tell you what is It's the motivation is hardly have anything to do. The Republican Health Republicans no, it's all it's all political stuff..

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