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After the hour here goes sixteen thousand years ago on this planet it was the end of what's called the Holocene warming period the ice age was ending and the temperatures were warming as a matter of fact that was the end of the lice last ice age arctic ice began to melt and the water in the air temperature was climbing ten thousand five hundred years ago it started cooling off again it was a prolonged period of ice age van it began to warm again five four thousand years ago which was called by the NASA it was called the climatic optimum warming conditions temperatures were about two degrees warmer then they are today great civil ancient civilizations began and formed five thousand years ago cooling trans drop in sea level and the emergence of islands does that sound like now well it does a little bit four thousand years ago oh my goodness it warms up again up to two days temperatures three thousand years ago cooling trans the renewed ice growth C. level dropped by six feet bolo present day levels two thousand years ago slight warming and another climatic optimum period of time one thousand years ago cooling trend the Nile river and the Black Sea actually froze now into the first century another climatic warming period matter of fact the warmest climate since the climatic warming period and since the Vikings establish settle in grab an ice on now back to the year thirteen hundred of our common error an extreme to the extent that most.

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