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What Have We Learned from the Coronavirus (DHP294)


Is Jason lift short short for long baby all night? Long Baby Not Short. So it's true. He's not first time. I met him. He was taller than I thought he was. I thought he was. I thought he was like this. Dumpy little five seven dude. But he's not he's a dumpy six. Three Dude actually's my alto voice gives me away. That's right that was that I am. I don't know what it is. I thought it was just real man. Okay so last week. At this time I was staying at my parents. House with the entire county has flooded. I'M GONNA record. I'll record a short to talk all about that. But yeah so you guys got a kind of a big greatest hits last week because because the most of my counties underwater if you guys saw the news that all the flooding that happened last week was actually three miles from my house so to leave the bathtub. I did sorry folks. Sorry it was. It was crazy it was not what's really crazy was how dramatic it all was. We had to get all the animals off the farm all like it was a big emergency like. It's scary when you get those nine one one calls on your your phone and it actually says your street like it's very your needs to meet at the at the drain because the fire department's going to be voting you across because you have to evacuate we evacuated thirteen horses and a snake in two ducks and the dog and the goats and it was. It was good times but interestingly we had no damage to the house at all there's no water on the house it's just that they they evacuated it because there was no way they could keep us safe. We were there so that was exciting in. But we're okay so later we are back in business. This you know that the water will never get that high. Well it's funny. 'cause Midland County Michigan has had lake several hundred year floods in the last three years. So I don't. I'm not sure maybe we're not counting them right. If I'm not sure exactly. So Yeah we've cheerier. Well that hundred year thing just get stuck in my craw. I don't understand so anyhow so we're back at it before we go and I want to thank our people who support US Zirk. They have a program that they've been doing all may in. It's for people like us who have been kind of out of work for a while. Jc If you heard about this. It's they're organized now pay later. What'S COOL IS ERC? Has a bunch of organizational products. And they've got they've got tubs. They've got cassettes. They've got all this stuff and they're all color coded they all basically they help. Organize your your clinical everything and great stuff. But so like we've all kind of been out of work for a while in now is a particularly good time to work on organization because you know that infection control is going to be a big deal. We're opening backup. Geez can get much for that right as I've seen photos of your your PCP infection control. I was young young and in love so they have the basically. They want you to get organized now. And they're gonNa let you pay for it later kind of a good deal so what you do. Is you complete a free virtual consultation with observe clinical efficiency expert so these people who know how to organize your clinical stuff..

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