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Florida emergency officials prepare for hurricane season during pandemic


Scientists expect this hurricane season to be worse than normal with three to six major hurricanes emergency officials in Florida are trying to prepare but the corona virus pandemic is complicating nearly every aspect of disaster planning CBS is manual Noriega's reports on how emergency officials in Miami are trying to get ready when hurricane Irma slash South Florida in two thousand seventeen emergency managers did what they always do evacuated thousands on buses housing them in large and sometimes crowded shelters this year will be different we will screen people when they come take their temperature absolute standard questions if they have any symptoms symptoms and and we'll we'll ask ask them them if if they they have have been been co co habitation habitation with with somebody somebody that that has has covert covert nineteen nineteen Frank Frank Wallace Wallace in in Miami Miami Dade Dade county's county's director director of of emergency emergency management management says cobit cases will need to be isolated and the county may use hotels government buildings even empty classrooms but he worries that the current social distancing messaging fights the evacuation messaging we've been telling them for so long now that you're safer at home don't congregate stay away from each other but now you're going going to to be be safer safer with with us us for for hurricane hurricane so so you're you're concerned concerned people people would would be be afraid afraid to to go go to to a a shelter shelter because because of of the the virus virus and and in in danger danger of of themselves themselves to to the the storm right that's a that's a concern that we have meanwhile Florida power and light is doing its usual storm prep normally when the power goes out an army of power workers from dozens of states rights to the rescue but traveling health restrictions are already creating issues says Michael Dorrough and F. P. L. vice president we noticed actually early on this year several utilities have been challenged trying to get additional resources in order for them to restore service it will be harder for you to restore power absolutely we anticipate there to be extended restoration times if we were challenged with the right hurricane this year amid a global pandemic Florida's governor has urged the states more than twenty million residents to stock up now if you need flashlights if you need batteries if you need generators that's a tall order for the unemployed more than two million Floridians have filed unemployment claims since mid March like Janet Simon the punch in the gut because I have no money to prepare I have nothing I'm basically trying to survive and buying a little bit here with three kids in an unemployed husband Simon is finally getting some hours at her restaurant job so when it comes to hurricane season do you feel even more vulnerable this year absolutely these storms are getting stronger and stronger from what they're saying that we can expect we're definitely not prepared at all a recent survey by triple a mirror some of the concerns officials have about hurricanes during the pandemic nearly a third of people who responded said they are more concerned about this hurricane season over the last but forty two percent said fear of the virus would make them less likely to evacuate ahead of a major storm that's Manuel Bojorquez reporting for CBS news

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