Protests and riots continue across the country


Hunter show we're talking about what everybody's talking about the riots what to do to stop him no dialogue there's no discussion until the riots and many way shape or form and this is how insidious the antifa mutants are they knew it thank you the nation was United in disgust at the video of the killing of George Floyd things could have been done it really could have been done but and even doesn't want things done they want to destroy the N. T. FOR that has been built up and defended by the left wing media and ignored or cheered on by Democrats they wanted to destroy and they did it they did you can say they agitated but they didn't make anybody smash a window they smashed windows other people piled thrown stole stuff from the apple store so all the good will that was there and all the momentum to actually do something it was destroyed was just and that's what they want they don't want people getting along the left doesn't want people getting along well after what he doing we talking about why you quit Democrats well Keith Ellison member Keith Ellison who is a member of Congress from Minnesota he was the number two guy at the democratic national committee's Democratic National Committee vice chair he ran for chairman he lost to Tom Perez he was vice chair he is now Attorney General of the state of Minnesota he is a proud supporter of antifa he's also a proud supporter of Louis Farrakhan what what do you think you're gonna get when you elect that let's go to Alex in Baltimore Alex thanks for holding welcome Hey I didn't really talk about anti fur over real quick you go back and look at all the people that interacted over the years especially the inauguration antifa whiskey off in DC people if people are released they're they're let off of charges so a lot of yeah so there's a lot of a lot of support all the charges and all the arrests on inauguration day and all the stores smashed in the cars burned all the charges were dropped eventually into right away because there would have been angered by like what the hell you mean you're not going to charge these people they charge him and then when they thought people would be enough time had passed and people weren't looking they grab the churches don't always what I what I wanna make two points first of all this is gonna sound we're taking tacky but this isn't really a protest you know protest isn't in the constitution you look at what it says it says you have it you can reach out to Mando government a redress of grievances what is that mean it means you can also send me details okay okay but you know if you're not going to the legislators with legislation stating what you want and it's not really a protest going on young at cops I hate you it's not gonna change anything and are stupid people in this country that really think something's going to come from that you need if if there's something to be changed it got to be done to the law otherwise it's not a standard that we can uphold right so and the other thing I want to talk about you got guys like Tony and there was an African American gentleman I didn't catch is intro but our service members service members not Fred and you feed the attitude there the servicemembers said you mentioned and just what you mentioned in the intro here you mentioned that Antipolis breaking the windows and the guy said you were you brought up the looting and he said well it's white people breaking the windows what are black people supposed to do and then you mentioned black on black crime he said well that's why people give and god you know there's no there's the added to that black people don't have any agency that they can't possibly make decisions for themselves and therefore they can't be held accountable you know uncomfortable conversations Cody wants to have uncomfortable conversations I'm looking at FBI crime statistics right now from the last twenty years okay and I'm not talking about per capita total killings it over to one every year black people killing white people over white people killing black people and then when you take into account that they're only thirteen percent of the population and we've all we've been over sixty percent the last twenty years you realize that the rate is eight to one you know we have that conversation or is that racist the ADL says if you've mentioned that if you mention that constituted different across different races you're racing so we're we're not allowing ourselves to have a real conversation that need to be set when these rights happen the next day you shouldn't be able to protest because like I said they're not really asking for anything specific I we know black lives matter we know if George Ford name okay but what change is gonna come from that one of the laws we can pass and and what can we do and as far as eighty four trump's been such a disappointment I really think that that declaration of that being a terrorist organization will be refunded before the election if not it within the week well he has to make it first he hasn't he the president any disappointment in this too but the the responsibility for situations like this doesn't really rest with the president of the United States he he is you know he's the guy the local authorities and then the state authorities and then if they ask for federal help then the federal government immediately short of declaring martial law the president can can't do a lot but he should be saying things a rather long just tweeting things there's rumors that there's going to be at an address today but we'll see the the executive order on censorship real quick with my last point he should have been all that many of the social media companies and get away with being a publisher and a platform and executive order he did sort of almost motivates them to be a publisher which is going to lead to more censorship of the occasion hold and then as a platform that's what we want that that way no American can be denied access and it doesn't if you take the responsibility off of the social media companies then they have no excuse to censor people he did the opposite as well what will happen what could happen and it's got to be changed by law not by statute completely to be fully effective but what would happen is a couple of lawsuits lost would cause them to have to make an uncomfortable choice and that uncomfortable choice would likely lead to them going back to being a platform and and that's that's this step bid there was there's no way the president can act and get it all the way around the bases on his own it takes legislation legislation is being drafted but the house Democrats are never going these are their donors these are the people that they support they're never going to allow it to happen but next time Republicans are in charge maybe something will happen but it's also possible that much squishy Republicans won't do anything about it anyway Eddie in Atlanta thanks for calling in any here are your core let United healthcare plan it could have been stopped on Friday after protesters I've with there and sports physical stuff goes out over the falls in the broadcast in long enough for me to hear one line from the woman is free but far fairer for Daniel Farke is you should white people have the effective gains so basically that that kind of day you'll going on down there when the framers are with their permit was over with our mayor put police off a bicycle as the first or in line at the CNN building police officer were thrown to the ground by I white woman in a white man and he got up off the ground and the police did nothing I come alive after they wanna burn the city down you watch and it went from that to three in the emissary spray paint everything but not windows and then from there they started well Hey if they don't let us have free reign here so they started busting all the cars that meet certain party everything they are mayor get on TV at ten o'clock and said y'all just need to go home well you know she's not quite helpful future bottoms of these people were too busy having fun born in the town down but they're not they're stealing TV's they're not watching TV either at his house I think they're going to zero in on TV yeah and basically the keeper of please get rid of the master barbers down there the state troopers were down there and nobody did nothing they just let him into it and it's just like a kid if you say your this is very important the police on the grounds that you're violating the law get out of the street okay and then the police to come down there to vote thanks same street as always they won't get a credit down here in the whole thing started because people are blocking traffic and you know ratcheting it up you know they like every fifteen to trample people out of cars and stuff you have to stop stuff like this when it starts right as it starts or you're not gonna be able to stop it that's why they are mayor of DC the mayor of DC setting an eleven PM curfew okay that's really late and stupid but it didn't matter because until at least two thirty in the morning they were marching around smashing and looting they still were in Georgetown they were smashing and looting and beating up store owners who are trying to protect their property so if you have an eleven PM curfew and it doesn't mean anything then what's the point of the curfew it's failed leadership R. block is is saying that the the the everything is been messed up by the police the police are the ones that have sparked the violence which is not not true they've please send anything yeah the wealth the Huffington post had a thing I try to find it but it was their headline was police turned violent or something like that police turned violent against protesters like the right now I'm listening to you it's because they've turned out to be as they enter the comedy store but there's no news on there anymore during the day they are I was so embarrassed by that the networks ABC CBS the local affiliates here thank you well we don't do this in Atlanta this is not it Lana and they were just very code everything is so pathetic in the M. at one point one I got himself I believe in buying the place this is all well maybe I didn't say that right you know yeah the slip but yeah the the headline in the Huffington post yesterday was copper age colon police violence nationwide and there's pictures of riders okay okay yeah Rosenstein's report if you know any fourth of ten thirty and it's not a qualified so maybe they'll get serious after fever come to town tomorrow to go to work what's it feel like tomorrow you start putting that very well in there and they still didn't do anything they start the place started closed down but nothing happened it's very simple you have a friend with north south east and west for most of March and then you close in just like you did when you got it got scrapped the rob a bank is in the works and then you and then you just arrested and taken to jail get him off the street yep particular you know what to do any needs the people in leadership down I appreciate the phone call stay safe in Atlanta and keep listening to my radio sucks compared to this anyway let's go to Tim and hands into him hello yes it was terrible what happened at man but the looting this takes away from the whole calls on it and Nancy said it's opportunism masking as outrage it really is they have left wing agitators know exactly what to do they do this for a living they did they did they practice constantly up in Portland for the entirety of the trump administration every weekend in Portland there days over every week they have a day of rage where they they harass people they beat on cars as they drive past they get really angry they destroy things every once in awhile and the mayor of there lets it go and it doesn't make the national news because it's Democrats doing the Democrats are gonna are gonna criticize their base they've got the vote of the people in the street white black doesn't matter they got their vote they're not going to criticize and they don't have to criticize and there is no amount of destruction that can cause them to go Hey wait a second we probably shouldn't be doing this it's it's O. K. blue let it go

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