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Ex-Police Officer Charged With Murder In Death of George Floyd - burst 5


Permission. Discuss their their internal conversation. Their family their family as close cousins are like brothers kids. The MOM has passed away the family. They're they're all together. They're a unit always together. I told them about how. That's what happens in families that are close like my family. It wasn't just. I'm not saying my family went through like that but my point was that they all are coherent together and George seemed to be the glue that held so many together we talked about. How how everybody Georgia's everybody's brother in that family everybody? Even his cousins referred to his brother and how they'd take solace from that and they had I slay together to the family as well and I know they're very close and listen and I've been very transparent with this. After my sister died in two thousand eighteen. You called me up out of the blue it. I didn't believe it was the former vice president calling me up so I know that from the tragedy that you suffered you know empathy and I. I appreciate you for what you did it. I have been saying that there are two viruses in this country. Covert nineteen in what I call racism twenty because it is playing out in twenty twenty. It's a very dark time right now. Mr Vice President and neither viruses has a cure. Are you worried about how we're going to get through this

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