Interview with Kate Flannery


Are you doing during this time? You know what I've been doing. A bunch of music doing a bunch of charity videos and such and doing a bunch of cameos because people can't Can't go to you know they don't have any birthday parties graduations, so they're. They're asking for a message from Meredith on Cameo. It's crazy nice nice. Great thing for the the On my gosh for the the boys and girls clubs of La the variety club. They're so awesome They're thinking of all these kids that can't get out of their house anymore. Because these kids depend on not only the exercise going to the boys and Girls Club, but also getting fed, so we decided there's four of us from the office. The decided that we would donate a virtual coffee Copy our with with people that that donate we. We just pick one party, but we're GONNA have a coffee party that whatever you want to put your cup that that is awesome i. Former boys club kid and grew up. Yes, so that's a special in my heart. Good for you that you're raising because you're right a lot of kids. That's refuge for a lot of kids right there. I mean it's crazy, so we're just hoping to get some. Get them fed and You know I don't know. Zoom. I'm not sure how. People start getting creative. We did that the other day when my kids, so you know we we did tick tock for these senior senior living facility home. They were dancing with you. Yeah, there were Dan's with Xuemei my daughter choreograph. That is a whole thing I'm GonNa have to put that up on. Our website is just reminded myself. Know my daughter, my daughter was getting a little too crazy, I said hey, remember. These are a little older. And then, and then the seniors hit us with. We want harder steps next said okay. Shake it up. All right now. Right now she's a handful. Yeah, Kate. When you get together with other people from the office who tells the best stories You know I no one but me. I. creed tells Pretty Good Stories Oscar tells good stories because yeah I I WANNA yeah, it's it's. It's a tossup between creed Oscar. Particularly good memory for when things are screwed up and Crisis is more like creed than. That he should be, I feel like create. Stories may not always be true, but they're entertaining. Most people. Who Tell good stories are Muslim I'm not sure how. How do you think merit would be handling the pandemic? Blind Dr- drunk. Stoned. Whatever it takes because it is groundhog's Day. Right Yeah no it is, it is what parts of social distancing you think you're gonNA. Stay when this is all over, are you, are you? Discouraged now for the handshake the hug. Hugger so this is. Off The road with dancing with the stars live tour I was. Like seven weeks and So, you know they ask people to stop you know shaking hands and hugging at meet and greets, but people couldn't stop sure. Like. Their reaction was crazy so. I don't know man. We're just GONNA have. To get more security. Some BIG DUDE! No, no, no No I mean. We gotta come up with some creative things. Maybe there's like an ankle touch. We can do from now on touch play. Yeah something I don't know, but you know as I because I. Perform Live so much, I'm just you know I'm so nervous because it's such a great. You know it's just a great way to connect with fans, and it's such a great experience. Performing live is an exchange, so the audience has as much to do with what they're seeing. You know as the people on stage. So you know and I also tour with Jane Lynch and I'm like Oh. We have some stuff planned I'm not sure what's going to happen right now. It is frustrating for those after travel on the road and perform audiences and theater and the whole deal else, but we'll get through it. We'll get. Well, there'll be time it'll. It'll be the right time. We'll be back when it's right when it's safe and the. Yeah, because Yeah, you know I. Mean I do want them. I want to be unforgettable experience, but not for for Corona virus. No right exactly

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