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The fifty year old story that his parents bill in the face of racism from Jim crow


Think about how the world will see my young black daughter it's for that very reason I stand with those who are sick and tired of a lack of fundamental change change that results in respect dignity and freedom the black people deserve and demand in this country to the thousands of people here in Chicago and across the country will gauge in peaceful nonviolent protest for change I stand with you to those who have come out to express our shared righteous indignation and ways to give honor to Mister Floyd and are consistent with the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi the Reverend Dr Martin Luther king and so many others who believe in the power of nonviolent social change I stand with you however I must draw a sharp line between the righteous and the wrong between the hopeful and the cynical we cannot conflate legitimate first amendment expression with criminal conduct those acts are separate and distinct we support of live what's right and we must strongly condemn what's wrong I

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