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Him and turn him over to the police I mean it was a beautiful thing to see very consistent that's what authorities Simmons was saying on the show yesterday that that do you know the the peaceful marchers in Denver vast vast vast majority of African Americans peaceful marchers needed to help police you know spotted apprehend the anarchist but to your first point my friend yes it and keep in mind that it got to the point and I think people have got to see for themselves over the weekend I've seen in the past up close fortunately but when you talk about a mob went when you talk about a mob that has decided the law doesn't matter human life doesn't matter property doesn't matter their hate they they're hate has overcome any sense of Eumenes inhumanity that they are are willing to act together as a mob they can even run a White House today let me make this point real quick it goes to Friday night and I know the president took a lot of abuse for going down into the bunker the only reason they took him into the bunker was they had a legitimate concern that the White House might get over run and and so we've got to be realistic about the fact that when you're talking about six thousand two thousand people

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