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AIM offers support to community and family of George Floyd


The National Native News. I'm Antonio Gonzalez a federal court order vacating. Certain water crossing permits for oil and gas pipelines will stand for now the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a request from the trump administration. Tc Energy and other energy companies to lift a judge's order pending appeal Victoria wicks has more the keystone xl pipeline is routed to cross around seven hundred bodies of water in Montana. Kota in Nebraska. Federal Judge Brian Morris ruled in April that fast track permit used by the US. Army Corps of Engineers did not adequately consider endangered species and their Habitat Judge Morris then invalidated permit twelve for oil and gas pipelines. The trump administration and companies immediately appealed to the ninth circuit and ask the Appeals Court to lift the ruling. That request has been denied attorney. Anthony Swift is director of the natural resources. Defense Council candidate project. Unless there's a court decision reversing the ninth circuit the keystone pipeline for the most part is in limbo swift says. Tc energy could apply for a more stringent corps of engineers permit under the Clean Water Act. But that is a transparent process that takes time and requires consultation in public input. He says the pipeline. Ostensibly could still be built where it doesn't cross water but it's not likely and from a practical perspective you know it would be very difficult to move forward with construction on seven hundred segments without those seen water permit. The water permits remain vacated while the case moves through the ninth circuit which is scheduled to filing a brief until late. September for National Native News. I'm Victoria wicks in rapid city. South Dakota the native American Rights Fund in the University of Colorado Law. School have teamed up and launched a new online legal resource to help tribal self determination efforts during the covid. Nineteen Pandemic Christine Trudeau reports. The new site host resources for applying human rights protections through the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous people aimed at assisting tribal leadership lawyers judges and Council Members University of Colorado Law. School Professor Karen Carpenter says amidst the covid nineteen pandemic rights to ensure health protections for TRIBAL CITIZENS IS AT RISK. Glue seen for example. Some tried trying to set tech points or provide food and supplies for their members and sometimes the neighboring surrounding governments are not entirely supportive of those efforts to put it mildly. Those are cases where indigenous peoples rights are really at stake. I mean tribes have jurisdiction over their land. They have sovereignty and they need those rights to be protected so that they can take care of their members now more than ever carpenter says the site at UN Dash Declaration Dot North Dot. Org will expand the resource offerings more this summer with interactive webinars. End Muddle tribal codes and more. I'm Christine Trudeau. The stories a collaboration with the National Native News and the Solutions Journalism Network members of the American Indian Movement gathered Minneapolis Minnesota Thursday to make a public statement of support to the community and family. George Floyd an African American man who died in police custody this week co directors of aim say the movement was founded in the nineteen sixties in response to police brutality in the Minneapolis area which they say continues today. The group is calling for peace and encouraging community leaders and organizations in Minneapolis Metro area to do the same. After Floyd's death sparked as a protest which have included violence looting and arson about ten members of the American Indian Movement. Spoke during a press. Conference live streamed on social media offering support but calling for an end to the violence. Antonio Gonzales

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