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Minnesota National Guard, ABC And Minneapolis discussed on The Troubleshooter


Of the Minnesota National Guard kneeling outside with protesters even in racing with some of those gathered outside afterwards ABC's eva pilgrim in Minneapolis this is ABC news for the second day in a row the president has made a trip to a religious site in Washington DC paying a visit to the Saint John Paul the second national shrine more from A. B. C.'s Karen Travers president trump later today will sign an executive order that the White House says advances international religious freedom this comes as the president is facing backlash after police cleared peaceful protesters near the White House so the president could stage a photo op at a church some of that backlash coming directly from the fiscal bishop of Washington DC Marion body tells ABC news she wasn't told ahead of time of the visit in front of St John's and held up a Bible as if as if it were spiritual validation and justification for a message that is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and to the god of justice new cases of the corona virus confirmed in all fifty states yesterday more than twenty one thousand in all pushing the tally across the country to well over one point eight million introvert ABC news how are you can find all your.

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