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McConnell: George Floyd protests 'hijacked' by rioters


Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says peaceful protests are one thing but what's been going on is quite another the streets of a major American cities or again the saying of looting and violent rioting that serves no purpose minority leader Chuck Schumer says president trump himself has been undermining peaceful protest the president's relentless need to make a weak man feel strong led him to order federal law enforcement officers to gas peacefully assembled Americans so we could see need his way to a church photo op the president held up a Bible in front of the historic Saint John's Episcopal Church which had been set on fire over the weekend Linda Kenyon Washington governor Cuomo says while he continues to support peaceful protest he's completely disappointed and outraged by widespread looting here in New York and the police in New York City we're not affected at doing their job last night almost suggested the national guard could be deployed if city officials ask meantime there's a curfew crackdown starting at eight PM instead of eleven continuing through five AM and extending through Sunday council speaker Corey Johnson the Reverend al Sharpton and when Carr Eric garner's mother are demanding increased police accountability amid the protests and rioting they're pushing for legislation that would make choke holds or any kind of policemen over that restricts the breathing a legal Sharpton says of such a bill had been passed earlier or if the officers connected to garner's death were prosecuted maybe what happened in Minneapolis wouldn't have happened and car asking the opportunists who are stoking violence to go home as she put it this is our movie and we don't want to be an extra and are

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