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Three Superstitions


Welcome to kiss Miss Mysteries. I'm your host, Kent, chrome today I thought we would usher out may bring June into the four with three superstitions I comes from World War One, superstitious nature of soldiers, not wanting to be the third to light up from the same match. This came from fighting in an area where there were snipers I to light. His cigarette alerted the sniper to a location duquesne supposedly when the. The second man lit from the same match. And about the time the third soldier leaned forward to light up a cigarette. Miss Neither fire killing the third man on the match during World War One end to cigarette companies have hundreds of thousands of and cartons of cigarettes to g is both wars dealt with a lot of waiting around the weather to change or vast forces to call reinforcements for half a dozen. Dozen other reasons in any case times often passed with a deck of cards and a pack of cigarettes, many superstitions come from ancient times including the reason that most skyscrapers don't have thirteen th floor. Some might say the Judas Sat in the thirteenth place at the table with cheeses at the last supper. In the nineteen thirties, many architects were cautioned by the powers that be any structure about thirteen fours would cause. Cause odd shadows creating traffic issues. However, these cautious were ignored by a majority of architects submitted plans to the builders omitted the thirteenth floor as recently as two thousand and two, the Otis Elevator Company reported that eighty five percent of the buildings that utilize their elevators had no thirteenth floor finally finding a penny. Well, you remember that common phrase remember find a penny. Pick it up all day. You'll have good luck. Luck. The origins of this superstition may stem from ancient times when metals were believed to offer protection for evil harmful spirits to those who possess them. When cultures began using coins currency, obviously, those who had more of them were considered wealthy, thus the accumulation of money translated into good fortune, perhaps this fact attributed to good luck association with finding a penny or coin, but not all who pick up a penny and. And Sing that little ditty about Pick up a penny and all the day. You'll have good luck. It's not uncommon to find a small dish next to the cash register filled with pennies in the event that customers don't have the correct change for a bill, but that's something you won't find in Blakely Georgia Nov. will you see anyone pick up a penny? Why during the civil war? The town was all. All but destroyed by northern forces, and of course it's Lincoln's profile. Let's on a penny, but a happy ritual associated with the penny is a bride should put a penny in shooter ensure happy, prosperous marriage. Three superstitions was produced here at night, owl, sound studio, and brought to you by books of adventure, fiction and life on the edge kit, chrome, dot, com, and by internationally recognized psychic and medium Sharon Bauer author. Author of the Book Life Eternal Love Immortal in little program like to say that we will be here at night. All sound studio, producing a few odd and mysterious stories, as well as visiting a lot of ghost towns, and culminating at the end of the month I will visit Cornucopia Oregon way up near the Idaho border, interviewing several people up there visiting a number of mines and reporting back to you. This kid crumb. Thanks for listening..

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