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High Noon


Lab assistant walking with a COVID, nineteen facility in a hospital in the city of Mirror was getting blood samples do for testing according to Dr Detach Eliane, the Medical Superintendent at large but Ryan Memorial, Medical College Hospital the monkees attack the lab assistant and stole the Sampler box which held three samples the head of the. The hospital it got in a statement, said that the samples were not swaps collected from Covid, nineteen patients, but blood samples being sent out for regular tests. The monkees climb the trees with the samples and threw them after chewing through the Packard's hospital, authorities immediately sanitize the entire area, and no one came in contact with the tainted samples and inquiry has been ordered to investigate possible. Mishandling of the set samples India has reported a shop surge in the number of corona virus cases across the country. More than one hundred ninety thousand cases have been confirmed with over five thousand deaths by the way. We forget that it's a billion people in India. You don't like the way we think about China we just don't talk about India I mean. It's not the same level of power bacilli like sometimes we forget big thing over there on knows this I. Don't mean to make light. It was going on in east streets, but they found us on black person. Hey, runoff with the Cova samples. They'd be knocking on. The door at and all of us be able to stay right now until they got in blood samples back right, they need to be over there in India like these ain't peephole. Right? Ain't no right every muggy every muggy. We gotTa Jack. Em All up until they tell us who did this. We cannot have monkeys out here. Still in Kobe's apples gave you realize how much back in that science fiction movie The monkees got a hold of the Kobe. There's two things there one. It's a public health crisis. They're throwing wake potentially infected blood samples in releasing that all into right public space. That's one number two. What's the

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