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Show every single week. We've never missed an episode every single. Tuesday I've had something new for you guys it. It just didn't feel right this week. I think it would be insensitive to carry on like everything is normal. It's not normal ray now, and there's a reason for that any of us. Who Loved Dance Music and let's be honest, most popular music. Let alone any of us like me and like a lot of the people you here on this show who get to participate in it. all of us, and and that goes for me. That goes for the people on this show. That goes for anyone. The listeners everybody who loves this music. All of us are, and will forever be indebted to the black people who created this music and this culture. Dance Music was born out of the struggles of people of color. lgbtq people and the oppressed minorities. It's inherently political music. It's it's rooted deeply at its core and look on a personal note I was born and raised in Minneapolis George. Floyd's murder at the hands of the police there I don't even know I. It's just so so sad, and it is a familiar sadness and a familiar anger. And I think it. Is that feeling of familiarity? That goes a long way to explaining what is happening across the country right now? The completely justified protests. I want to salute the bravery of everyone out there around the country who has been out protesting and just say for my music peers for any my listeners If you're able, please donate if you can. I'M GONNA. Put some links in the description here of some good organizations to donate to more just in a general life sense If you want to help out especially if you're white, especially at a time like this, ask the people of color around you what they needed and I'm saying this last part as much for me as for anyone else. Because you can never be reminded of this enough for any of us who are. Are, white participants in this dance music culture for all of us were just fans in general We are lucky to be here. It is not a right that we are just automatically entitled to and part of that responsibility is that we have to honor and protect the people and the culture who created this and allowed us to come in and to be here historically. We haven't done a very good job of doing that and we certainly aren't doing a very good job of it right now. I do better. You could probably do better, we all. Could you know as far as this show goes? It makes me think of the conversation. I had with Kevin Saunderson. One of the founders of techno music, and hearing him talk about his experiences, and some of the struggles and prejudices that he faced, and then to see so many of those same issues still at play in America in two thousand, twenty, almost forty years later. just really was yet another example to me of how far we still have to go in this country.

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