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Know what those restrictions


New York is relaxing social distancing measures that have been in place since March this day will begin allowing gatherings of up to ten people governor Andrew Cuomo's original order was only meant to loosen restrictions for Memorial Day events and religious services but this New York civil liberties union filed a lawsuit protesting the religious exemption on first amendment grounds Cuomo has now expanded the measure to include everyone residing in the state the New York City health committee still says being in groups is dangerous the governor says all gatherings was still observe social distancing and hygienic guidelines a cross the state line in New Jersey up to twenty five people are now allowed to gather beach goers still keep six feet apart from each other and wear facemask when using bathrooms governor Phil Murphy also permitted the opening of campgrounds ahead of Memorial Day weekend president trump is calling on states to re open houses of worship as soon as possible the centers for disease control and prevention released new guidelines on how churches synagogues and mosques can open safely after the White House push for revisions the president is threatening governors who don't comply though it's not clear whether or not he can do so CBS news correspondent Nicole Killian reports

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Know what those restrictions

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