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Affirmation to Improve Concentration


This is absurd. Two thousand forty one of the daily meditation podcast. I'm Mary Medically and I welcome you back to day. Two of our series this week all about your brain health and concentration something. That is at an all time premium these days with all. That's going on in your life and in the world. Are you having trouble concentrating. Maybe you're letting go those things that matter most because you feel like there's so much happening around you. This is a week for you to get back on track and as you do. So you have a challenge to put into practice and apply right away the meditation techniques. I share with you every day this week. Your challenge is to choose something this week to concentrate on every single day. There are many things you could concentrate on right now and you might be tempted to choose something to just let yourself become absorbed in and forget all that's going on around you but I encourage you to do something even better for your brain and that is to choose something to concentrate on. That's going to enhance your life. And the way you feel about yourself something that will help you to feel as though you're making progress and moving forward in Your Life. This might something pretty major. Maybe you're concentrating on a project at work or.

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Affirmation to Improve Concentration

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