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195. Debra DiGiovanni - Pain is funny


That quiet prevent disease that you're just like I will meet someone unless it makes a dull boring but I will pick a fight and break up with their man then I will have to jokes. Pain is funny the old adage. That pain is funny and it is. Yeah it is. It is relatable. You are listening to made of human also known as the Mole Pod podcast hosted by Sophie. Who is a Danish comedian signed? I realized why I was rambling so much. And for so long on all the previous recordings of the Intros and is because I've been recording it in a new software program than the one I'm used to and instead of seconds it counted beats a something so I thought I was. You know just doing a few minutes here and that but I was actually just doing only got so long but now I have in seconds so no I've done about thirty seconds now which is like what full beats so anyways. I'm just saying I'm going to make this a bit. It's unusual because I'm keeping an eye on the time I do apologize. If you've been bowled through the the other introductions it's still lockdown with still during the pandemic. The this recording was made the guests recording was made during the pandemic We talk a bit about it but again not the whole podcast is about that real quick. The sound you can hear in the background Sound on the outside. Have my windows open? You can hear my dehumidifier in the background soaking up all of the all the damp so I don't live in moldy well so I live in a less moldy studio flat and maybe you can hear the washing machine. Because it's changed your betting day having a great time in lockdown I'm going to try to make this intro. It's short because I want to listen. Sue mccomb station with deputy. Giovanni I think I stumbled upon her on proudly on Youtube about eight or nine years ago and I could not believe what I'd found. She is so funny. She's Santa Comedian hilarious. Like go right now and watch on youtube down at her album. She's so funny and I was so in all of her and then I ended up moving to London in London. I one of the first people I lived with was a Canadian. Stand up comedian. Peter White and I think the first thing I asked him was. Oh my God. Do you temperate Giovanni again. She's my friend announce go my God. You're so lucky. And the follow on Social Media and we've had some communication but not a lot and then when I was in La in two thousand fifteen we ask through the pack as you said. Yes but then. I don't remember what happened within. It never happened but now we're here and she was trapped in her home like we all so had no excuse to said no way of getting away from me so Got Her. I got her and it turns out that not only was she incredibly lovely an incredibly small up and was the word is introspective. She's so much more than just funny. And just listen. I know I was surprised but I know I was expecting a lot like I was expecting it to be amazing and yet I was surprised. At how amazing she was. I am blown away and I love her. I love her so much. You're GONNA love to. I'm going to let you listen to it and you know if you're curious by any chance about anything that I'm doing I would recommend that. You sign up for my newsletter. That's where I'm going to make all the fun big announcements so go and do that after you've watched some deputy. Giovanni and after you have listened to this conversation with her please enjoy the amazing Debra. Did.

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