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Last night Miami approaches


The water dangerous surf is lurking along some Florida beaches including Volusia county were ray Manchester is B. safety director the surface pretty rough right now we'll find red flags the beach safety division is ready lifeguard towers are fully staffed there is no excuse not to swim in front of a staff lifeguard tower Manchester says help lifeguards do their jobs by swimming where you can get help if needed and like golf will be on television on Sunday for the second straight weekend Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will square off with two of the football world's biggest quarterbacks by her side in Peyton manning and Tom Brady how Florida's medalist golf club woods and manning will take on the Kelson and Brady in best ball on the front nine in alternate shot on the back nine in the match champions for charity will Florida's news I'm Sean fan message and data rates may apply individual results very exclusions apply looking forward to

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Last night Miami approaches

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