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The Day We Were Lied To - burst 69


Means I don't know it's we know a lot of jobs have been lost and if you can find that local place that still making or trying to make ends meet and keep people employed in your area you can get takeout. Get it done. You know it's it's it's fun to cook and get creative at home but also keep in mind you know you. Could you can spare a few meals. What someone else would someone else Coco for you? What are you eating now? Froggy full mouth is right now squirrel. Oreo that's a massive Oreo off food during the day or do you just eat snacks snacks for lunch. I'll have like a Turkey sandwich. Last night I had grouper that is fixed on the grill and various nectar. Easy snacks are easy to open it up and grab him group where. You Got Light the grill. That's a lot of work. I fixed a nice meal last night. He did he fixed it now. What are you drinking? What is that God Oreo with

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