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We are back with a crystal to go pee in show jumping right into a


Last week I have been contacted by no fewer than three listeners who make a solid side hustle delivering things on Craig's list and again this is the bigger furniture stuff that people just want to transport me from their house to the goodwill because they got a tax write off that they're gonna make some money on it too maybe it's people that need to send something from their house to their kids house an heirloom that they can't move around anymore apparently delivering stuff is very very big out this is the kind of thing forgive my upcoming sexist comment but I really want my big hold key you know really solid looking guys doing this I don't think it sounds like there's a couple of red flags a pop of my head if you're gonna be called someone's house to deliver something to pick up something Craig's list is always the one big astronaut put there whatever I'm buying or selling on Craigslist I want to meet up in a mutually convenient spot with a lot of cameras and a lot of people around I have done dozens upon dozens and dozens of transactions on Craig's list

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We are back with a crystal to go pee in show jumping right into a

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