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Every other species inhabiting


Of evolution driven in large part by environmental and climate related changes a process that took nearly ten million years well before human beings walk the earth but human activity has for ever altered this natural process we're talking about evolutionary changes that are typically measured on the order of and now we're talking it's a major it's a major news perspective in evolutionary biology and ecology because as for singing colleges think about using the natural selection ten years while some that's marine biologist John Whitman from Brown University comes to the Galapagos regularly to monitor how accelerated climate change is affecting the evolutionary process was working all the time I mean that's going on in the marine environment for all over the world under water and I consider this the most dynamic random or it's been stated that the Galapagos is a natural laboratory for evolution and we're saying that it's a natural laboratory for studying climate change and evolutionary responses to climate change has been greatly understudied in the ocean compared to last before breakfast so we can get a full round of four dives in for the day so we usually start around six thirty and then the team Jones team examines the health of coral reefs to try

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Every other species inhabiting

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