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Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware join buying group


Pennsylvania New Jersey and Delaware are joining four other neighboring states to form a buying group that will last longer than the pandemic K. Y. WCW's reports it comes after states had to compete against one another to obtain P. P. needed in the battle against covert nineteen the coalition includes the tri state area along with New York Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island the governors have been working together during the pandemic and now the group will form a powerful buying consortium for the future the group will work as one to purchase masks gowns ventilators and other medical equipment buying larger quantities in order to get better prices Delaware governor John Carney admits this is the only way his small state has a chance to compete we're going to head to head with New York we're not gonna go if we're not gonna get if we're a long shoulder your shoulder with you we're with governor Murphy and governor wolf we've got a good chance of getting a better price and getting the product that we need the group will select only those vendors proven responsible during the coronavirus crisis with an emphasis on choosing products made in America from companies in the region Lynne Adkins KYW

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