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Fox News, Seattle And America discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


So what we're doing and we know that what we're doing will create a more violent city. And yet we're doing it anyway. Protesters have been occupying a park across the street from City Hall, blasting the cuts. Not enough say they may stay there indefinitely. The city of Seattle has started to move on. It's occupied zone following multiple shootings near the chop sewn in the past 10 days. Some of the barriers in the Seattle protest area are being removed. Cruise with the city used heavy machinery to take out some of those barriers. But a short while after doing so, protesters put up their own makeshift barricades. Using things like couches, trash cans and pieces of wood. Seattle, P D says all of the Bears will eventually come down but incrementally, Fox's Jeff Paul reports there have been four shootings in or near the chop zone in the last week and 1/2 2 of them fatal. U S Attorney's office in Colorado says it's looking into possible civil rights violations in the death of Elijah McClane last year after Aurora, Colorado, police used a chokehold to subdue him during an arrest. Shot during a traffic stop on Monday of Tulsa Police Sergeant Craig Johnson has died. Crags passing is a tremendous loss to our department. Also, police chief Wendell Franklin Sergeant Johnson's family chose to donate his organs, continuing his service to the community. Is partner who was also shot is still critical, but reported to be improving the accused gunman to be charged with murder America. There's listening to Fox News. There's never been a more critical time. Fox News media is bringing America together. America is watching News and fuels debate on Fox News Channel were invested in you from Wall Street to Main Street to your street With Fox Business. America is listening wherever you are on radio and podcasts,

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