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Major League Baseball, Orlando And David Griffin discussed on WBBM Evening News


To come to work every day. We have to trust that our teammates and the Staff and the group that were around is adhering to the protocols, and it's important now more than ever. I mean, people like we talked about. I mean, people's families are at risk. And so yeah, those things haven't gone away. They've actually been emphasized. Players will do some health checks at home, and we'll need to develop new pregame routines, since they're only allowed to be on site for a certain amount of time each day. Rick Greg does radio one of 5.9 of them all minor league seasons for 2020 will be cancelled an uncertain future for that level of baseball. The main reason, of course, Major League clubs cannot supply enough players for minor league affiliates to play a season but the future Of some of those affiliates, also in doubt. After Major League Baseball had proposed a plan late last year to eliminate some teams to the embassy pelicans GM David Griffin says three players have tested positive for covert 19. The identity is not known. He tested positive A week ago when N BA team started the process. Players will be isolated till they conjoined their teammates in Orlando next month. Denver has closed their practice facility after three positive covert tests off the traveling staff heading to Orlando. According to the team, all three the tested positive are asymptomatic. It is it known that the facility will reopen before the team travels to Central Florida with sports on your home of the Bears. Dave current Ernie's radio, 7 80 in 105.9 FM and time Now this take a look at some of the area trafficking travel conditions with regard to nighttime construction workers. Player Lane Road works scheduled overnight is going to slow you down. Unfortunately, whether permitting on the outbound side of the Kennedy Expressway Scheduled from nine PM until midnight. Nagel, too. Just to past Harlem, you lose the left lane scheduled for midnight until 5 a.m. Through that same stretch, you lose the two left lanes. Additionally, the entrance from Harmon will remain closed scheduled from nine PM until 5 a.m. So consider using that Nagel entrance or Cumberland in the meantime. Traffic and weather together. It's news ready of 7 80 in one of 5.9 of them scattered shower or thunderstorm. Impossible for awhile. Partly cloudy, warm and humid, 72 degree low tonight than a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. Hot and humid, scattered storms a high near 90 tomorrow but closer to 80 on the lakefront top story Right now, 37 states are seeing higher Corona virus cases compared to just Two weeks ago. CBS will have details on this story at the bottom of the hour. A suburban CEO didn't give up when Heather Boudin realized she didn't have enough money to help

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