Sports Talk with Lance McAlister 7-16-20 - burst 06

Lance McAlister


Next year. Aj You feel like nationally people forgotten about how great you are a little bit, and does that. Put a chip and he? They're pissed you off a little bit, and does it motivate you to play for another big contract? Mean after this year you can opportunist big contract if you know for me, is I just WanNa play football again i. know the work that effort in each and every each and every year each and every week. I don't get caught up in the you know who's better than who you know. Who's the top receivers? I know what brings that table and I'm GonNa feel when I know the work that I put in so always comfortable. With myself and I don't care what other people say, but when you put that table when I'm out on a feel. You speaks for itself. Imagine during this process. You probably received a lot of unsolicited advice from people that WANNA. Tell you something. Outside of your family I mean. Who did you listen to the most? And what was some? They said that you. For me this is my family man, I got. Among were just from. You Know College Houston Qiamuddin. Mass Choir Prince Miller may we all? Each and every day mandate. He just told me you know has got the player game. Leaving God, he's told me God. Man and everything else take some I, told these guys every day. Always keeping you level headed, and I'm so any my wife's better sign attack, not not not losing eighteen million. Aj Green earlier today portion of conversations with the media, and yes, that was from his back Porch I. Assume his backboard back.

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