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Floyd, Vice President And Joe Biden discussed on Keepin' It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton


And pre existing conditions cost Floyd's death that of course sparked outrage within the community Floyd's family called on their own medical expert to conduct an autopsy that report came out yesterday a few hours before the official cause of death was released the independent autopsy report says Floyd died of asphyxiation because of neck and back compressions that stops blood from reaching his brain that report also notes there were no underlying conditions that contributed to Floyd's death Nicole Wilson NBC news radio former vice president Joe Biden says Americans are looking to their leaders countries crying out for leadership leadership the Q. nine S. leadership that brings us together leadership that can recognize pain and grief of communities that have in the on the net for a long time taking in Philadelphia Biden slammed president trump for staging a photo op at a church near the White House yesterday police used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear out a peaceful protest so trump could walk to the church for his photo op but noted that trump held up a Bible and said I just wish he'd open it once in a while fighting the presumptive democratic presidential nominee stressed the people are justifiably angry but said protest must not turn violent Michael Kastner NBC news radio them since today's career day stand up until the class would you want to be when you grow up I want to be a pilot soccer player fireman ed yeah.

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