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George Floyd, Baseball And Major League discussed on Roe Conn


Across the state we have to take care of our people and for that reason we will continue to flexibly deploy Illinois state police and the National Guard strategically as we work with the dual purpose of protecting Illinoisans as well as the first amendment rights of peaceful protesters the governor stopped short of saying how many of those additional resources would be sent to Chicago protests are underway across the area Cicero police are trying to disperse a crowd causing property damage in a strip mall it Sir Mack and Cicero there are other protests taking place in Lincoln Park on the south side a large crowd marching on whole stead street right now police are warning the protesters to leave they've given three warnings over a loudspeaker and moved up to the barricade a protest in Naperville this afternoon was peaceful there are curfews in place across the area after last night's violence in Aurora mayor Richard Irvin is keeping its curfew in place extending the curfew again tonight beginning beginning at eight thirty PM tomorrow morning at six AM I'm asking all wars to abide by the curfew will remain at home I work at night so we can keep our city safe police chief Kristen Ziman confirms tear gas was used last night after protesters threw bottles and other objects at police make Donald's cut some menu items during the pandemic and franchisees don't wanna bring them back WGN steeper tram with more love the McDonald's salad but you might have had your last one when the virus hit in sales slowed McDonald's pare down its menu believe it or not there were as many as one hundred items on the menu at the time franchisees like the Koch because they can move drivers through the drive through more quickly and their overhead is limited so the biggest group of franchisees owners is pushing McConnell's now to leave the grilled chicken to someone else Steve Bertrand WGN news WGN sports here's Kevin pal thank you Kim Floyd Mayweather's head of boxing promotions as the boxer will be paying for the funeral services for George Floyd and if a commissioner Roger Goodell says an urgent need for action remains following Floyd's death and the ensuing protests around the country in a statement over the weekend get L. says quote as current events dramatically underscored there remains much more to do as a country and as a league and Major League Baseball players have proposed a one hundred fourteen game regular season that's up from the eighty.

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