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John, Cleveland And CBS discussed on WWL Programming


Sounds like a pinball machine a little bit my age which is a financial but on the planet long enough to know some things and not know others so you got that going for you which is nice eight five five two one two for CBS John is in Cleveland and on CBS sports radio it's a John Hey how's it going you know I wanted to thank you for bringing up the senior side of this because you know I'm young man my mom's twenty years younger than my dad my dad worked for Ford here in Cleveland Wallkill stamping plant for fifty years okay he has vascular dementia he knows what's going on as far as daily routine we have not been able to see him outside of a window since this started okay last Friday when that place was locked down you find out that now called in nineteen hundred that place okay like I said he worked for for for fifty years he's on Medicaid I have a house I can bring him to my mom can leave but if we take him out of there he loses his Medicaid brought L. hi three right now with money that's going all over the place where we can't or or to start make exceptions for some of these rules to be able to why would you not want to bring your senior out of that facility but in his own home have a home health care aide come there and and and and let him be at home so he doesn't get the virus I don't understand you try it out did you try your center at all the governor yes I have called the governor I mean we even after all those here in Cleveland I call everyone I can to support this out there because it seems like the seniors guys these people or the people that made the country the way we are I mean they built it we cannot forget about these people guys no I look I grew the John I'm it's a sad story and I feel for you and I absolutely agree I often say that the you know we're the harshest on on people that abused children that abuse seniors on abuse you know animals like dogs Michael Vick found out why because all three of those groups can't speak for themselves there they have no lobby if we don't protect them no one else will you know no one can speak for dog no one could speak for a toddler no one could speak for a disabled senior so if we don't do it no one else will it's either us or nobody and you know torque credit as a society we take it very seriously people are like Jeez read Michael Vick lucky killed people you know just the views dogs well people take it very very seriously because they know the dogs can't represent themselves so they don't do it and they don't take it seriously then it's over you know that it's over so there's a responsibility there that is not lost on people in that regard so I wish you well and trying to find a solution to that but you know we can always be this is always the case someone has it worse than you like John has a worse than most of you listening right now because the situation he's in and the pressure he's under it doesn't lessen your problems it just is specter of but it doesn't mean that your problems are real to you or important to you or important period it's your life that you're living so you know I am hesitant when people say yeah well you think you have a bad what about now you think you have a bad because you do maybe you don't have it as bad as John does or some other people do in fact you know you don't it doesn't mean that it isn't relevant and real and painful and tragic in its own right what do your you know your son's missing out on a scholarship opportunity or you're not getting a coach your kids for the first time you were supposed to be the head coach and now you know the whole thing got me whatever it is whatever the personal thing is it's real to you and downplaying someone else's because yours is greater than theirs isn't a great reflection Bob in Chicago up next thanks for taking my call bothers up Hey I'm gonna start out with a little New York godfather one is that okay absolutely for you Bob you want to talk business Mike let's talk business Walgreens yeah there you go okay here in Chicago we hear a lot of comments critiques com about the last dance tell you what my conclusion is if there's no Jerry Krause there's no six rings no Jerry Krause no six ratings the guy was a mastermind you have this false five he he was he was he was great at building a team your comments please yeah I I would agree that he probably is an underrated figure in the entire but I'm a big believer that there are which is why I don't compare players of different eras other team players in particular I don't like it because I just don't think it's ever fair I think circumstances are so important and the the number of variables are in the hundreds if not thousands Astor when you play who what your schedule is who's healthy that day one of the players are complementary whether the coach coaches the style that is best suited for the five players that he has one of the jazz favorites whether the owner is putting pressure on on through one guy or another whether this guy's going to be re signed you can you can make listened to the thousands I'm sure as all the things that have to go right for the team to succeed and to lay percentages on on you know let's give Jerry Krause one one half percent the credit and let's get Scotty Pippen four point three three and we'll give Jordan eighteen point nine five and will you know I mean it's just the it's just a way to pass time you know it did to me the documentaries are interesting and that's what's your takeaway and I appreciate that that was your takeaway but it is it is always a team game and always has been and always will be and you know you can talk about any player you want but he had help I don't care who is he had help you know in N. that help was probably underrated in order to pump up the star you know that help is probably underrated players probably underrated history under rates them and you as a non insider under rate him most of the time which is why I don't get into era versus era I think it's hard enough when they're playing at the same time because the variables that much different then you add you know like my son said to me he's twenty gonna be twenty one this week he said you know I know Danny Ainge was a good player you know that I know that age is a good player and I read about and I knew is really good athlete everything but you know the Bron James had Danny Ainge covering him ninety you know that was his take I mean he's twenty so he just watching and that was just take watching today's game which he loves to watch it again be a fan and watching that this thought was those players that I was watching there could not guard lebron I know whether he's right or not is not my point I don't you know as I say I don't compare and I'm not going to do it now but I am going to say that that was his take I was watching it as a twenty year old who didn't live through Michael's greatness just watching it on TV watching video so it's important to keep perspective in mind all right bottom of the hour Naseer is going to Switzerland I don't really know why it's kind of warm in here what's not about trying to keep yourself away from any potential in nineteen for cost ability to comfort it is because it's showing here in here it might be a little worn out a little silly on your little rations got you little refrigeration cubby you have any beers energy no come okay good answer good answer good answer good answer let's see if it's up there Tyler sports play tomorrow it might be a sign of hope for getting the sports.

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John, Cleveland And CBS discussed on WWL Programming

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