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The W. H. R. Mr trump suggests is a Chinese poodle


Lot of bending on the part of the president to China in February and into March when he was negotiating a trade deal and you can join high school A. I. with all the flattering things he said about China and it wasn't the World Health Organization hold out American scientists from China that was the trump administration so again under the heading distract this is another distraction are older I do not understand how you can exonerate the try one son let's press when I'm not really sure how you can exonerate them for primary responsibility for this disaster that has hit the entire world where they were covering up for their friends at the W. H. O. was joined the Senate also our scientists let's let Anna finish and then I'll come in I know exonerated and they did plenty that was not correct but they are very organized and Donald Trump did a lot that was not correct and he poured into the Chinese line for very long time saying they were doing a good job so this is about finding a scapegoat to distract the American people from the fact that the president did virtually nothing in February and March just slowed the hold of this at a pandemic and the Columbia University survey that came out today that shows the thirty

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The W. H. R. Mr trump suggests is a Chinese poodle

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