'Out' features Pixar's first gay lead character


Pixar shorts. I don't know if you saw like kit bull or loop or any of the little shorts that have come out from Disney. That have been really really cute. A new one just came out called out and it is about a gay couple coming out to their parents. It's all about this guy who kind of looks like a lumberjack. Unlike his family comes over. It's like a nine minute short. It's so cute. It's on Disney. Plus it just came out this past week and it's not what I thought it was going to be. But it's also really great The lumberjack song from Monty Python. But but it was the first time I've really seen Disney do something so straightforward. Whether like. Yeah they they actually go out hiding in my a pixar animated. It's think it's the right questions to damage Tom. Brokaw's legit thing. I was going to say this. You know again me being like the Big Disney skeptic. I always found that. They are very Calculatedly woke and they like to things when they feel like. It's it makes them money or pixar has been doing this for the longest time. Because they've been like not anti-disney but they're like we don't follow their mandate and we just do our own movies. Yeah so there's they're short films have been like that is pixar signing nation studios you're right streaming on the Disney plus. It's the first gay main character that that his

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