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The hour from Saint George and


During rush hour on weekdays will resume on Tuesday eight oh nine EE CBS it's going over to the weather center here meteorologist Frank straight looks like we're pretty much cleared out for the day hopefully some better weather ahead indeed better weather is ahead today we are mostly dry at this point there there are a few patches of light rain lingering especially eastern Long Island at this point that does move out this evening the clouds linger most of the night tonight down to fifty two in midtown then tomorrow I will see a clouds break for some sun would remain cool though but were the day sixty five for the afternoon high though coastal areas will get stuck in the fifties thanks to a sea breeze tomorrow night it'll turn mostly cloudy fifty four for the low

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The hour from Saint George and

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High winds we don't need that

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Of ninety sixth street in Manhattan

Steve Scott 1 hr ago

Partly cloudy tomorrow night to look down to sixty three

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Later tomorrow night partly cloudy

Michael Wallace and Steve Scott 5 hrs ago

Thanks Bob Larson W. CBS news time is three ten protests have been peaceful and Nassau

Michael Wallace and Steve Scott 6 hrs ago

We toward the coast will to consider the water mostly sunny

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There so those delays right

Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane 13 hrs ago

And warm with partly cloudy

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O. and Chicago dot org a public

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Hours so if you're in that area that's why you can't get through

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