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Sox, Pat Burl And Garza discussed on WIP Programming


To center is first time up bills lead by a score of two one is mad cars gets ready to work R. as in when the clinching game seven in the American League Championship Series over Boston delivers for a strike nothing in one who's already affords many his red Sox got off making the only gave up two hits news seven innings of work one strike began to Pat burl now the **** this ball away one ball one strike Garza's design from Navarro and the one one pages alone away two thousand one struck his head shots of this guy tonight is all over the place and Jimmy tried to run was thrown out chase Utley hit a ball hard but they've had baserunners against him and they rattled him a little bit but to guard his credit he hasn't cracked and you know you just would like to see a few men get on again and have this crowd get into it there is a one example to one picture borough A. M. side bowled three police the whole night pitching behind and they just haven't made him pay for yes forty nine pitches to this point and Phillies have a chance to get this guy to just be patient welcome to band Burrel number three one pitch will swing the grounds of fall down the third base side.

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Sox, Pat Burl And Garza discussed on WIP Programming

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