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Millionaires fighting with billionaires


That was great with the Rory McElroy and Dustin Johnson and you know we'll put that on Jimmy Dunne who did so much after nine eleven is the president of seminal that was the first ever on television tell us I'm gonna take it I'm going to diverge here tell everybody about Jimmy Dunn and I'm not surprised it was him Jimmy Dunn was the hero of nine eleven what do you hear this quick story well of course he suffered tragedy is company within the building well one of the buildings that came down and the war World Trade Center nine eleven correct and so many people in his company perished and he is going to have all those families he's educated the kids he's made sure they're all financially squared away he's taking care of all of their health concerns this is the guy who has had thousands and thousands of acts of kindness to help all of these victims from nine eleven and he's now the president of the Seminole golf club is a huge golfer and that day on nine eleven just

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Millionaires fighting with billionaires

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