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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #84: Rob & Akiva Watch Eddie - burst 07


In this coaching career anyway. So the new somebody. This person has bought the knicks. His Name Wild Bill Burgess. He has Come in. He's bought the Knicks in the middle of the season. She doesn't realize this is the new even though she's the biggest knicks fan in the world. She doesn't realize it. Was this like a quiet sale. That had been no rumors of the Knicks Sale. I maybe like sports. Business just wasn't as big of a deal ninety six. It is now but I can't first of all hold onto the team wherever so it's going to it's going to go up twentyfold probably in ten years it's going to be worth billions so this guy has bought the knicks. She doesn't she's the world's biggest knicks fan she's in the front of the Limo partition op. She's listening to the show. She hears this guy on the radio. He's in the back of the LIMO calling into Chris Berman. And so she's calling in because she's got hot takes for this new owner a Chris Berman. What radio show. Is this like all right? We're on. We've got the new owner of the Knicks? And we all right. Let's take some calls. Yeah it's like nap based we're GonNa have like a guest and all year. It was like it's very APP hazard. Yeah so she's like ready to blast the new the new owner. Yeah my favorite thing is something new owner would do. But if you remember when Procra- buys the nets yeah he goes on Mike Francesa for like an hour of is is a like a billionaire. Russian guy who came to the United States here? I'm explaining to the audience and and and buys the nets and it's a big deal because no like he's one of the first foreign owners certainly for Russian owner ever sort of a friend of Putin and the nets were kind of sad and they were moving to Brooklyn and he was like. Oh we're GonNa hit you with like some big surprise in November and he was like so cryptic and he's like trust me we're GonNa blow away the whole Mba November November surprising micros like. I'm very excited about it. And it never happened like program never had it and I think he's already sold the team But yes this is reminding just sitting the new owner coming in if your owner's nickname is wild. That's probably a fan. I would love a wild Stevie Cohen Come on in absolutely no at this point. It's the

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Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #84: Rob & Akiva Watch Eddie - burst 07

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