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Alexander appreciate the call so that is the that's the New York times breakdown of the situation anyway


Companies saying that they can push out coronavirus vaccine by September trump has been saying hopefully by the end of the year and thought she was saying by January and then there was this most read the report saying October my question is with how far development and current affairs baxeen testing has gone this far as of right now what seems to be the most realistic hi I'm so I ate it and it's hard to tell what the most realistic time line is typically it takes forever to develop a vaccine I mean really like a long time typically it could take you somewhere between ten and twenty years to develop a vaccine depending on how much academic research is done in pre clinical research is done and then yeah phase one trials to take months in phase two trials we could take a year in phase three trials it could take a year and they have to build the factories you have manufacturing you have approval yet distribution New York times a piece on this the end of April talking about how long it takes to move through the process Peter hotels who is the dean of the national school of tropical medicine at Baylor said if you wanna make an eighteen month time frame time frame you could theoretically put as many horses in the race as humanly possible and that's exactly what is happening here so you are starting to see people throw out basically mostly RNA vaccines are the ones that are being pushed out there as fast as humanly possible we will see which fail in which succeed also typically these are sort of done in in a row as opposed to being done simultaneously the fact you have tons of vaccines for the same disease being developed simultaneously I is is pretty astonishing and pretty great also we have a lot of research that was already done on sars and mers which were caused by coronavirus is an inspired a lot of research sars and sars coming to which is this one which is the virus that causes coming nineteen eighty percent identical so that's how scientists to develop a test recall the nineteen so quickly so it's possible this has been a failed more often but the fast tracking might be worth the try again worth noting that it took for vaccines for for example human H. P. V. as in fifteen years that all vaccine for rotavirus took fifteen years developing vaccine pediatric combination said the detail that take eleven years developed the vaccine so that there's there's all sorts of things you can do to shorten this thank again I don't have an answer to this I wish I did have an answer to this I don't think anybody has an answer to this I think the optimistic view is probably that by the end of the year we're looking at people taking those as the super optimistic you'd be earlier than that my my bet would be that we're not talking about most Americans have a vaccine until February March of next year but again that's that's mostly got feeling not based on data okay well thanks

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Alexander appreciate the call so that is the that's the New York times breakdown of the situation anyway

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