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Is how to respond to this especially amid an ongoing rivalry between the US and China yeah


On is act thank you for joining us China has proposed a new law that could and any dream of democracy for Hong Kong scuffles broke out in Hong Kong's legislature on Friday when pro democracy members protest at the mill the proposed law comes after last year's widespread anti government demonstrations over a proposed extradition law for more on this I'm joined by Shabanie Mahaney she is the Southeast Asia correspondent for The Washington Post Germany thank you for joining us can you please explain why this national security law is being implemented and what impacts it could have on Hong Kong sure so this is something that Beijing has wanted the Hong Kong for some time now that B. had been pushing for these national security legislations since basically the that the handover in nineteen ninety seven but I think it was always assumed that it would go through Hong Kong's legislature somehow but what what Beijing has done here is totally up in that that that process so they will be implementing the sound bite bite bite to creates a very sweeping law it will essentially criminalized foreign interference you know having connections with foreign political parties it will criminalize succession so seeking independence for Hong Kong and and anything that's considered a threat to the Chinese state and Chinese national security I think the that that that the real concern here is that this is so so far reaching and and as we know from the way activists and

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Is how to respond to this especially amid an ongoing rivalry between the US and China yeah

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