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Newsom says he plans to update


Weeks ahead fox is mark Meredith some rough weather in parts of North Texas the National Weather Service confirming the town of Bali was hit by a tornado packing winds up to ninety five miles an hour dozens of homes and businesses are damaged but so far no deaths or significant injuries reported severe storms in the Wichita falls area dropped hail the size of large softball's damaging roofs and vehicles America is listening to fox news now here's your storm team ten forecast showers come to an end from north to south across southern New England this evening and then the sky gradually clears with temperatures dropping to the mid forties as part of a chilly night we rebound into the mid sixties on Sunday which will end up as the pick of the holiday weekend plenty of sunshine early some passing clouds the afternoon becoming mostly cloudy but otherwise dry into Memorial Day with temperatures reaching the upper sixties I don T. intend meteorologist Anthony McCarthy

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Newsom says he plans to update

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