Mary Kay Letourneau dies of cancer at 58

Ace and TJ


An infamous person in the American pop culture history. Has Died. Mary Kay Laterna and I know died of cancer fifty eight. Mary Kay Letourneau is one of the biggest tabloid type stories. This country has ever seen. She was the shoes at a teacher who fell in love with a fourteen year old student. Got They got caught. And she got sent to prison for seven years. She did seven years and as soon as she got out, they got married. They stayed. She stayed in love with this guy. She was married had two kids I think. she was thirty four. Or something like that Villi. was his name is name. And As soon as she got out because she she got arrested the first time they were caught, and she was put on probation and ordered not to be anywhere close to him. She violated her probation when they were caught in a car together. And that's when she went to jail for seven years got out. Say in the whole time. It doesn't matter what you do to me. We are in love and. I. Know that people think badly of it, but we're. We're in love, and we can't help it, and we will be together and they were supposedly. In in love with each other the whole time she was imprisoned, she got out they got married started having kids. Data Cancer. And she was married at the time that she started fooling around with Villi because he went to her house. I think the first time. In a month, yeah! Fifty eight years old. But we had that was. That was the first big. Nationwide that I remember teacher student. Scandal yet, but and I. can't think of a of a pop culture tabloidish type scandal. Of recent years that even comes close to that to be able to give an example to the kids,

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