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Welcome to you now. Podcast where we discussed stories in science and Tech. Make US ask exactly that everyone thinks for listening. I'm your host Stephanie Educator in Science Aficionado and I'm Michael Programmer Technology Good Afternoon Stephanie. What'S UP Well have you ever been stung by new murderer when it's yet have you now yet? I but Not going outside anymore. Never leave your home and you should be okay. Yeah no I know that a lot of people are still dealing with the coronavirus right now. I am just so grateful that there are smarter people than me out there looking for ways to help you know. Find new cures so just wanted to quickly mention I ran across one. That's in my on the Monitor. Ut Austin that's where. I graduated from Hook Them. Horns there are. There's a professor out there he's Actually GonNa Cure Krona virus with a Momma's Rama's yeah. Yeah Yeah you didn't know this but are actually on some pretty amazing creatures because over the past years to hold on the face masks. I don't understand. Yeah Their Superhero Llamas. So we can actually They found Antibody produced by these llamas and it basically binds tightly to the protein on on cove. It so that it it can attack you and so there is a potential treatment that they could Produce these antibodies mass quantity and distribute them to people who are at risk or who have already been diagnosed whereas you know obviously people are working on a vaccine which is good But not everybody might have access or want to get this vaccine so have a Lotta Shield Shield Allama Yeah we all need to get our own personal a basically no they are in the preclinical studies right. Now so they're testing it in hamsters and a non human primates which I thought was an interesting way to say you know monkeys there phrase before. Yeah so they're they're going to try it out and see if it could potentially be a treatment for us so yeah Llamas Obama's I have problems llamas or any other variant of whatever species a lobbyist so Stephanie Was Star Wars. Movie date here. Well we were watching star wars movie last week. Actually for a May the fourth be with you. Yes I mean. Everyone wants to start saying I just heard there. There really isn't a new one. I forget the forget. The woman's name is GonNa help write it but it seems promising either way it does break my heart a little bit. Though that when my kids think of Star Wars they think of the you know the. The newer movies is more than the ones that we are up with. I'm not sure I know if my kids know what star wars is it was. It was a happy meal toy for a little while when the movie was added December. Yeah they got. They got the toys. These little stupid star wars looks like a little longer thing but it's not really a Hologram is dumb. But they're still a bit young yeah. It was an awkward conversation. You know when Antigen kind of goes on his rage and kills like the whole village and everything he. He's the bad guy it's weird. Yeah it's definitely I mean. People talk about the right order to watch star wars and all that when you show it to your kids but I don't know you just never replicate how how we came just hours. Not even I mean even necessarily. It's it's so old. I watched all the star wars before I came out on ninety nine but I was seventeen when when episode one came out so like I knew. All the twists stopped but not it wasn't like ingrained the same way it was like you grew up. Watch if you're a teenager. We saw star Wars Serb return. Whatever yeah so for my parents they got to see it in the movie theater for the first time and I just kind of watched it on video. Yeah you Kinda delegates you. I don't know if I don't I don't remember. I was young. Probably younger than maybe. What the target you had you got and see the movie but like the elevators father. I don't know if that hits the same way. Twenty years later as does what did you know in the graphics of the silly laser. That's it to like. It was space fights and his lightsaber stuff. That was like ingrained culture by the time he saw it and now kids like the stuff is but what does that. Yeah like. My daughter was asking watching this movie and she was like wait. A minute is good or bad guy. And it's like well just star. Just keep watching and you'll see you know it's not going to have to have the same effect for her because she is starting out with a an thinking of him as a good guy you know whereas we came from the opposite and love okay. Darth vader was definitely the bad guy. And then okay. Let's watch the the PREQUELS and like oh. He used to be a good guy. It's a completely different experience. Yes we isn't it. I always like stuff like that when you come to. I mean I wish the movies were better than the first three really star wars. Isn't that great? A movie from a cinematic like sinophile. Kyp- story Oh critic is interesting. How the stories come out differently the way you watch them and it's always neat when you can watch something different watering a different experience and learn more I was so but specifically joints. You'll have joins now right. You have a little helper. Droid running around. I mean we do have like NBA's and this thing but rt to is going to be probably one of the most beloved star wars characters. Maybe the only put a number one. Yes I would agree with that Do you lake deviate will ever come close to rtd to it with the generation. Now well I guess I guess ask arcades kind of thing but like archie. Just been around forever. And he's like the he's the prototype of the first one that we were really introduced to and fall in love with his beeps and stuff and you know he. He's the U. N. title that. I'm not nerdy enough to know but like he gets in the back of the starship and he's helping guide and will connect to the computer. He's like he's a he's a helper droid and that's something that people are thinking about now is. Are we going to need help? A robots getting around

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