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The Mescalero Apache Tribe declares a state of emergency as COVID-19 cases start to emerge


This is national news. I'm in Prenton Gonzales. The Mescalero Apache tribe in New Mexico declared a state of emergency Monday as tests confirm the first cases of covid nineteen on the reservation in New Mexico. At least four people tested positive for the disease. The tribe says it's waiting on the results of some six hundred other tests. Mescalero ordered lockdown businesses and public establishments for at least the next two weeks. The tribe is also closing tribal government offices to the public. The order puts restrictions on individuals movements and asks that one member of each household use Tuesdays and Thursdays for buying food and other essentials. The tribe is closing entrances to tribal land although the main highway through the reservation remains open. Mescalero president gave Aguilar told Q. E. T. V. The measures are away to protect the tribe. He says merely urging people to practice physical distancing failed to keep the virus from spreading an out of state. Seafood worker is the first person to test positive for coronavirus in the city of Valdez. Alaska officials say the infection was caught through. Routine. Testing Louisa. Castroville is Acting Infectious Disease Program Manager for the Alaska Department of Health and social services in video conference Monday. She said it's not clear yet. How the individual contract the virus it's individual came to Alaska from the lower forty-eight in late April and Co was quarantined. Onsite there for two weeks because as some demonic during that timeframe as well and there's been working on campus since then and has not left. It's not clear the source of the infection whether this was something that was picked up locally since the person had been there for a month or whether this is the test that we're seeing the positive result if it's picking up virus that might have been An infection in the distant past. And we're just seeing residual virus from that Castro deal says health officials are working to determine anyone who may have come in contact with the infected person. Alaska officials remain vigilant as the commercial fishing season is getting underway and thousands of people. Come from all over the world to work and processing facilities. The state has a little over four hundred positive cases of covid nineteen total as of the start of this week. The regional hospital in gnome close to the public. After an employee tested for the coronavirus. The Norton Sound Health Corporation expected employees to go back to work Tuesday after all of them are tested for the virus. Katie Oh news reports. The facilities were subjected to afford a extensive cleaning on Friday. The city manager issued an emergency order restricting travel into nome and mandating a two week quarantine for anyone traveling into the city from the outside. Some face masks sent to the Navajo nation through a company established by a former White House. Aide may be inadequate to properly protect those who wear them the news organization Propublica reports almost two hundred fifty thousand of the masks sent by a company headed by former White House. Deputy Chief of Staff Zach Pontus may not fit the guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration propublica reports. The total cost for the masks is around eight hundred thousand dollars. The report goes on to say that in another one hundred. Thirty thousand masks are not the kind specified in the procurement data. The News Organization Says Flint is secured. The three million dollar deal with the Indian health services. Eleven days after he formed the company the sell personal protective equipment. Ihs officials say the masks are unsuitable for medical use. The regional office is determining whether to return them flint told propublica his connections to the White House played no role in his company selection as a provider for IHS the Navajo nation has the highest per capita rate of corona virus infections in the nation with National Native News. I'm Mark Hughes.

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