Black Lives Matter with LisaRaye McCoy


How is your state of mind right? I'm in and out like everyone else I'm torn because when I do. You rated dance or lab? Almost a little guilty for doing because it's almost like Lamar right now and has nothing to play with right now because it's serious right now. Light. And then you get into that ball of emotion, and then you can just make yourself sick with matches crying all day or just being so emotional So you know I heard her saying Gaga crying. And that really Kinda made me snap out of a wide I. Want her to feel that I'm just having so much pain. And on influenced sorrow, and she's on threes. Kin Really explained her debt. What is really going on because we had the pandemic still in the midst of that with the Corona? Virus in so I was telling her would not going outside because the jugs outside. Explain that why she can't go to the park or go to Chuck E. Cheese on which I got. You guys probably heard it took Jesus. Anymore Ninety two other. You know what I mean, so I'm just. Filling what the world is doing and knowing that is not time. Because we have still apply oppression, they still have to know. This wasn't a one time or week time. Doing that would tired enough to keep going. And we want some answers we must justice, and that will not and cannot happen. If we just just stay where we are. You know what I mean. Right have to keep going matter of fact. We're doing another protest to Te'o and myself on June Twentieth Year Round the the stadium so. We did it last week. It was great i. Felt apart which is what I wanted to do, because I wanted to build the exhilaration in the excitement of the people, and begin because I kept reporting from it on this side. Right thinking you're right. Everybody out there. Why you inside. report, and it was like that other than that doesn't make you part of history the his I wanna I wanna be so my grandbaby. I wanted to be outfitted villain. I wanted my voice to be heard. I wanted to know that was a frontline line with them. I wanted them to know that I believe the all black lives matter. Before all lives matter. We know that. We know that, but we're saying right now. Because of what we gone through a going through black lives matter because they're not doing other lives the way to do an arm. She lives. Don't matter, and that's the real issue is and it seems like no matter what like. You would think right now. Capsule will be on like I gotTA. Make sure that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and it's mind-boggling that they can still go out there and. Committing crimes. OPS like what happened in Atlanta. You know people were filming. You know people will how you know. People will watch knew that we would have witnesses, but she didn't this man. You didn't even stop him or anything traffic. Driving he was. Off His drunkenness, he was like yeah been drinking and yeah had drinks. I'm just a couple of blocks away I. Need to walk. My car here. He said everything. That rock. The he was a criminal act robbed a bank. What was the cry cry like it wasn't really been June shoot him in the back of the against the law I thought she could not shoot. It is against the law that Dan aren't they trying to be able to target an area where it's not going to kill you? Shoot me an arm and leg then. What heard though when officers use their gun. They are trained to shoot to kill if they're going to use their gun at all, but he had a taser. They tell people all the time and he said that April. They feel like an Taser is a situation that is a matter of definition to use them. Yeah, and I think that was that. He took the tape there from him, but the COP had already let out the cartridge that was in there. The only has one cartridge, so so what they were saying was that the police officer knew that he could do nothing that the that. That Rashad could do nothing with the tasers, so hence shooting him with crazy. It's like we've seen police chase before. Movies are about that. How `Bout Cops? It's a whole shell about police say the white isn't always resort to murder like I just don't understand how that's. The first thing in your mind is like. Let me kill him because he was drunk driving. That's not. I did not kill anybody that man you know, and that's not even up to them to say who live there dive. Even if that man did the mighty, he has the right to a trial run.

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