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In a game four is necessary at home on Sunday maybe the tenth which way outside Alex is missed badly on a lot of pitches today so is there a column have been parallels between their two outings here's the pitch inside and low three of two he scored a run after Ian Kinsler fail to turn a double play on a hard ground ball to second that scored a run and gave Kurt Suzuki an RBI it would've ended the first inning three two pitch cruise takes ball for a change of outside and Michael young's leadoff Homer in the third put Texas on the board after the Rangers left two men on in the first when Kinsler flied out into men on in the second when Andrew struck out the Rangers that base runners in every inning they love Kinsler at second and the third one frame core grounded out and left were voted first in the fourth inning when Andrus grounded out and here is Guerrero with the rhetoric first one out in the tie game he's walked in fell to the catcher crews already has a steel today here's the pitch black he swings and misses a wicked cut.

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