President Trump says Bubba Wallace should apologize, calls noose incident a ‘hoax’


Went after NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag and is accusing bubble. Wallace still Of perpetuating a hoax involving that noose in his garage. Trump suggesting that Wallace should apologize doesn't make any sense. No Kayleigh Mcenany, the White House press secretary, just started their daily news conference and Peter Alexander was just asking about that and missed an opportunity to say They were talking about the Confederate flag and hear Alexander's comment was Why is the president so in favor of flying the Confederate flag? And why don't you fly it over the White House was a question that she completely ignored because it was a stupid question. But why? Why are you asking Bubble Wallace to apologize. He did nothing wrong. He didn't do it. He didn't find it. He's not the one who sent it to the FBI. He's not even the one who called it a hate crime. It was all NASCAR's doing at that point now one of the rookie drivers who actually maybe one of the Considered rookie of the year drivers. Pushback against the president today and said as much said that bubble, Wallace has nothing to apologize for.

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