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Thank you so much for joining us today we're talking about this idea you put out a piece this weekend about social justice messages being allowed on the back of players jerseys so instead of seeing James an artist combo you might see black lives matter or CEO say his name or some of these messages that we've seen circulating on social media and other platforms where did this idea come from mark you know I I think people would probably assume maybe to premier league when they have black lives matter might be the thing that from my talk with Chris Paul he just was looking for something creative personalized to give every player an opportunity to get behind something so it it doesn't necessarily have to be the black lives matter movement it doesn't have to be you know a name but like whatever is personal to them so you know it it could be somebody met name in a charity it could be somebody bring in I mentioned to a cause I think what the players association is going to do is give guys ideas that are struggling to come up with ideas but Chris Paul wanted to you know give every player to address something that's personal to them on the back of their jerseys so yes I think it will be heavily happy with things things like black lives matter say her name even and Chris made a point to say that but for for players who want to grab say Hey you know I want to bring more attention to A. L. S. or funding schools you know they they have the ability to do that as well mark I know that's something we've seen across the NFL with the my cause my cleats you see guys with their charity or whatever it is that they stand for and and it tends to be a great conversation starter you know in the locker room that week or during the game whatever that is when you look at the movement and the protests against racial injustices right now how do you see this as a way that players can continue that conversation so things don't quote unquote go back to normal once we start getting sports back well one thing is that that's a crystal hopes that say when the player does interviews that they can bring up what's on the back of their jerseys and and you mentioned that and a post game interview on television or radio or in our daily interviews from practice but also it'll be interesting to see how long they wear these jerseys if somebody decides to wear on the entire season I mean that to me is is something like every time you score a point or every time you come into the game it's inevitable that the camera will pan on that person's Jersey and what it's saying but it also I think is just one thing of many things that the NBA players are led by Chris Paul players association work to do in Orlando in the NBA is standing beside them to allow him to do these things so I think when this kind of got leaked out Chris wanted to explain it more but yeah I think they're gonna have a megaphone during those three and a half months talking about social injustice police brutality other things and this is just one of I think on a number of things that they want to bring highlights to it it is the law if we can tolerate NASCAR rattling off sixteen sponsors in their post game interviews interviews rather I think we can handle a player taking a moment or two to recognize whatever the messages they've put on the back of their

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