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Get unstuck. My guest today is meredith more crosby. She's awesome. You guys are GonNa love her. Meredith is a graduate of Howard University she has a masters of science in managerial communications. She an extensive professional career. She is a speaker. She's a global member of the International Coaching Federation. She's a writer. Meredith has an incredible wealth of knowledge, inspiration and experience around everything that we're gonNA. Talk about today. In fact, she is the author of getting unstuck. She's a corporate speechwriter for high achieving C. Suite Executives. Cc'd if you don't know CEO CFO et CETERA. She also has her coaching certification from the Applied Positive Psychology Institute. She's a mom. A Taipei and she believes wholeheartedly in the power of coffee. Lifers you're. GonNa Love Meredith. Meredith. Thank you so much for joining me today. This is a really important time for us to hear from you. Thank you for having me I'm excited to be here. I think if anyone can speak to the power of our ability to get unstuck would be you I just I mean there are no coincidences but when? I started researching and I mentioned this to you before we started recording Sir researching trying to find the right person to talk about getting unstuck in entrepreneurship and business in your career, and the more a cap learning about what it is you do. And how did you help people and how you've done this yourself? And then hearing from my audience, the Shailene show audience, how so many people feel stock right now and overwhelmed I thought they need to hear from you. So it is an honor to have you here today. For those who don't know you can just kind of give us a little synopsis of your story in particular and love fee to talk about a major. Trump traumatic healthcare had in your life. She Omar, so you know I am currently a leadership coach. And I help high performers overcome impostor syndrome, and be able to advance their careers in corporate America and my practice, and my book getting unstuck a guy to move your career forward. It's all based on my personal experience I was the youngest director at McDonald's corporation and. Time of really like overcoming and helping other women. I had this experience of supporting the first African American CEO of McDonald's corporation Mr Thomson who actually wrote a forward from my book, but what was my turning point experience was when he was first, starting out in his career and I was. Driven, like I was so into my job and I. Really even though I was Vegan when I started at McDonald's I like gotten into this mission. Right of like this Man has vision. We were pre and coffee, and all these cool things that I didn't notice when I started waking up in having double vision, and then triple vision, and then one day waking up and seeing eight alarm clocks and I always have to say that. When I asked my dad what I should do like. You should be early to work so. Thanks? That right, so that's what they did I. I kept working. which is what a lot of is? Do we like symptoms? Yeah, and you ignore your body with your health and so luckily. Don Cared enough about me as a person beyond the work I was doing to ask me to go see his doctor and I found out that I had a condition that mimic brain tumor, and in the process of getting unstuck from it. They told me they would need to do a series of spinal taps, and so I lost my vision, they had to drain all of the Food and the part of that they wrap your eyes and they ask you to keep you know. Can you see today? And after the first day of doing it I said I'll tell you when God gives me my sight back. I don't need to keep doing this because I felt like psychologically right so often when we're stuck just knowing every day that I'm still stuck. Is. Facing and takes your faith away in Phil. I ended up regaining my sight. It was. Completely lost your sight, late ninety wind and yeah. Do. They give you an idea like did they say this is going to be temporary? Most. People don't get their site big I. Mean I'm an anomaly? It's even hard for me to like. Acknowledge the miracle in my life, most people don't get their sight back for a variety of reasons a lot of times. They're not willing to take that time in darkness.

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